Online Women Studies Degrees

Online Women Studies degrees include history and sociology. With respect to history, it enables students to understand the role of women in different societies through different periods as well as the contribution of few in different segments like leaders, artists or scientists. In terms of sociology, they become aware of the influence of the society on the choices of the women with regard to their lives and careers along with different kinds of careers and family options.

Career Options with Online Women Studies Degrees

Courses involved in the field of Women Studies can be covered in any academic degree program. Due to this, taking on an online degree in the field of Women Studies is ideal as students can continue with their existing career or any family commitments. Online courses also offer a host of specializations in this field. After completion of online Women Studies degrees, they can either take on directly related professions like teaching or opt for a government or public policy jobs which involves advocacy for women. They can also take on varied leadership roles. Other related careers are in the healthcare sector as clinical social workers, nurses and healthcare coordinators. Other options are activists, journalists, lawyer and human rights advocate or a job with a private organization like public relations or human resources.

Topics in Online Women Studies Degrees

Students study subjects like economics, philosophy, psychology and humanities. If they opt for specializations, the topics involved are women health, women in literature, women history and women in politics along with focus on various cultures, societies and current events. They need to be well-versed with women’s rights and modes of livelihood along with critical thinking skills and communication skills. There is substantial research and report writing and they need to have the ability to persuade eloquently.

The various levels of online Women Studies degrees include the Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels along with certification programs. Associate and certificate programs enable students to get a jump on an online Bachelor program. Some online accredited colleges and universities offer Women Studies as a minor subject along with a four-year Bachelor of Arts program in any other discipline like Sociology or Philosophy. Also, certain online universities offer two-year certification programs or Associate of Arts degrees in Women Studies. However, most of them choose higher education and opt to go on for Master or Doctorate degrees in related fields.

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