Top 8 Google tools for Online Learners

As Google grows and expands its scope beyond mire internet searches, the huge corporation delivers loads of free tools that help us communicate, handle multimedia, schedule calendars, map trips, and design virtual environments. Many of Google’s applications mesh seamlessly with one another, and some are stand alone. Many of the services are experimental drafts that are in beta testing, so as they evolve they become more powerful. Here are the 8 Google tools that are the most useful for online learners, whether it is for their usefulness or for their future potential use in academic environments.

1. Google Docs

Google Docs

Google Docs is an office suite that is web-based where online learners can create, store and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations and online forms. Students can work on collaborations and share them instantly. An online learner can import document created on Microsoft Office and Open Office. This free tool that lets students work together with fellow online learners with a word processed, spreadsheet, or slide presentation documents has many unexplored applications. Many online student make use of the form tool that like them make forms that can be posted on the internet and as information is added to the form it shows up in real time on spreadsheets.

2. Google Search

Google Search

Is a web search tool that is world famous and is the most powerful search engine in use today. It is hands down the number one portal for finding information on the internet and is used by most online learners for research.

3. Google Bookmarks

Google Bookmarks

Google Bookmarks lets online learners to save time with fast connection to websites that are useful for students pursuing online degrees. Students can use their web history to locate the websites that they go to most often and then bookmark their favourite sites. After this they can use the Google Toolbar to quickly access their bookmarks and to effortlessly make more bookmarks.

4. Google Notebook

Google Notebook

Google Notebook helps students cut and store information when they browse the internet. Cutting information that is useful for an online learner’s studies is easy. They can then add text, images and links from websites without exiting their browser window.

5. Google Apps

Google Apps

Google Apps helps online learner store information of the internet, offers inexpensive email solutions and access to vital information, it can assist student with stretching resources and working smarter with: messaging, collaboration, and security information placed of the internet.

6. Google Spreadsheets

Google Spreadsheets

Google Spreadsheets is an internet based spreadsheet software package in which many students can work on the same document. Easily keeping everything in it proper place and readily accessible.

7. Google Definitions

Google Definitions

Google Definitions is an add-on dictionary that is embedded into a student web browser and makes looking up word easy without leave a desktop environment.

8. Google Translate Tool

Google Translate Tool

This is Google’s free web based language translation tool that quickly translates text and web pages.

Google has released a lot of great applications and internet tools for online learners that many people rarely use but student can reap the benefit of. These applications are designed to make internet easy and useful for businesses, students, and regular people and they are offered for FREE!

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