Top Paying Online Degrees Paralegals Should Pursue

Even though some employers offer on the job training for paralegals, the paralegals that command the most wages are the ones who have earned online degrees. These degrees give them qualifications that allow them to demand some of the highest compensations in the industry.

What are the Top Paying Online Degrees for Paralegals to Pursue?

Degrees Paralegals can pursue to land top paying jobs start out with an associate’s degree from a community college. However, the paralegals that earn the most generally have a bachelor’s degree in addition to certificates in Paralegal Studies. Paralegals who are employed in a specific field can earn online degrees that will allow them to specialize exclusively in that particular area such as;

  • Real estate law
  • Labor law
  • Divorce law
  • Criminal defense law

Online Degree Programs Approved by the American Bar Association

Paralegals who graduate from an online degree program approved by the American Bar Association command higher wages and enjoy having better employment opportunities.

Earning Potential of Paralegals with Online Degrees

Salaries of paralegals vary greatly depending on a number of variables but having a degree is a benchmark for high wages. Reports from the current decade show that the full-time wage-and-salary of paralegals on the average was more than $45,000 annually. More than half earned between $35,980 and $58,690 annually. The upper echelon of paralegals command salaries of nearly $75,000 per year. While the least qualified non-degree holders earned just under $30,000 per year. This is according to the reports published by The United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Online Paralegal Degree Schools and Colleges

Online paralegal degree schools and colleges offer great opportunities for people who desire to work in the legal field but do not want to be attorneys. These online paralegal colleges award degrees that employers respect. They also award accredited certificates and diplomas which are reasonably priced, flexible, and suitable for working adults or even for those just starting out.Online paralegal degree schools and colleges are the best alternatives to traditional campus based degree programs.

Online Paralegal degrees offer convenience and lead to better job opportunities

Paralegals work in a field which offers great career prospects with good salaries. However, the top paying paralegal careers require degrees from reputable and accredited colleges or universities. Now people who cannot spend the time or money it takes to earn a law degree through a campus based program can make use of online degree programs as they are the most convenient way to earn these degrees.

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