Top 6 Online Master Degrees to Look Out for in 2012

With the market becoming competitive and employers looking for qualified personnel, you need to have a minimum of bachelor degree. However, it is becoming quite critical to have higher educational qualification like an online master degree. It can help you in better job opportunities along with developing a career of your choice. Apart from this, you can also get attractive salary which can increase with experience and specialization. The prerequisite to pursue an online master degree is an undergraduate degree in a related area with experience in a specific industry.

Types of Online Master Degree offered in 2012

You can choose from a variety of online master degree in various fields. The year 2012 is seeing popularity in online master degrees like Master of Arts (M.A.) or a Master of Science (M.S.). You can even choose specific programs like a Master of Public Health (MPH) or a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. However, it is important that you pursue these online degrees from accredited colleges to be sure that it offers quality of education.

Top 6 Online Master Degrees to opt for in 2012

Some of the popular online master degrees likely to be chosen by students in 2012 are:

  1. Online degree in healthcare at master level is likely to be one of the most sought after degree programs. Most of the employers look for students who have the proficiency in any of the related fields like nursing, pharmacy, medical technician. However, in this category, the field of nursing is the most popular areas and is likely to receive most number of employments.
  2. Online master degree in Business Administration is another alternative in 2012. As it is a business degree, it is most popular to get a variety of job options. The salary is also quite attractive with an online degree at this level. You can consider areas like business, business administration and business administrative support.
  3. An online degree in Computer Science is fast becoming popular owing to the advancement in the technology and computers becoming a prime part of the economy. You can consider online master degree in areas like Computer Science, Technology Support and Information Technology and Systems
  4. Accounting/Finance Degree can be pursued at master level at accounting or finance level and earn very attractive salary.
  5. Another attractive and interesting online master degree is in engineering. It is considered to be the fifth in terms of employment options. Based on the survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, eight of the top 10 best-paid majors are in engineering. You can opt for areas like civil engineering, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, network engineering and administration and programming and software engineering.
  6. Another very popular online master degree is in marketing which is chosen by many in 2012. You need to have a bachelor degree in this field to pursue online master degree.

Apart from these, online MBA is also quite sought after. These online degrees are now acknowledged by employers as well and you can earn very attractive salary.

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