Top 7 Dying Careers You Should Avoid!

As technology advances and outsourcing continues to increase, there are some career paths which are fast dying out in the US. Most of these dead end jobs are in offices, administrative support and production which are being replaced by automation. Even if there are any job opportunities, they are predominantly to replace people who have moved on to other industries and not because there has been growth in the industries.

Top 7 Dying Careers You Should Avoid!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some jobs which are declining and are likely to die out in the near future are those of:

  1. Computer Operators Not only have there been changes in the size and cost of computer equipments and in their capacity to store data but the development of user-friendly software which can help in automation of computer operations has led to a decline in computer operating jobs.
  2. Telephone Operators With the developments in communication technologies, switchboard operators are also fast being replaced by technology. Most electronic communication is carried out with the help of internet or email and eliminates the need for telephone operators.
  3. Farmers and Ranchers is another dying occupation that has seen tremendous reduction in jobs of about 250,000 in 2012. This is again because of automation and usage of modern farming technology. Moreover, farms are now consolidated into larger farms leading to lesser farmers.
  4. Secretaries except those working in industries like legal, medical sectors are also getting replaced by outsourced secretaries. Currently most of the professionals and managers do not require secretaries anymore as they are able to do data entry and word processing on their own. In some legal and medical centers, paralegals and medical assistants are replacing the secretaries.
  5. Sewing Machine Operators This is another profession which is fast dying owing to automation of production facilities. There has also been a reduction in domestic textile and apparel industries as foreign producers have replaced the local producers and gained a market share of the U.S. market.
  6. Stock clerks and order fillers are also replaced by computers for management of inventory. This is quite common in manufacturing and wholesale trade industries where there is more of automation.
  7. Electrical and Electronic Equipment Assemblers are again replaced by high precision machines which can do more work in lesser time. Apart from efficiency, they are also more economical.

Most of the careers that are likely to meet their end in 2012 in US are ones that require little or no education and training. So the best really to arm yourself against joining a dying industry is by ensuring you get a good accredited online degree in a growing industry.

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  1. Top 7 Dying Careers You Should Avoid…

    Most of the careers that are likely to meet their end in 2012 in US are ones that require little or no education and training….

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    A good accredited online degree can be an advantage to anyone who will be applying on a job that isn’t easily vanishing.


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