5 States with the Highest Employment Levels for Registered Nurses

It’s not a hidden fact that job outlook for nurses in the US is very promising. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an increase in employment of 26% for registered nurses between 2010 and 2020, which is much faster than average.

5 States with the Highest Employment Levels for Registered Nurses

Registered nurses are involved in coordinating and managing patient care. Besides administering patient care, maintain patient records and providing medication, they also advise and educate patients about healthcare, and provide them, as well as their families, with emotional support.

Needless to say, many career changers are opting for this gratifying profession that not only promises great job prospects, but also is emotionally satisfying. Industries where registered nurses typically work include hospitals, offices of physicians, home healthcare services, nursing care facilities and outpatient care centers.

But where exactly in the US are all jobs for registered nurses? Check out the list of top 5 US states in terms of employment level in the US according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

1. California

With 250,230 jobs in this state, it has the highest employment level for registered nurses. The annual mean wage of registered nurses in the state of California is also pretty high, standing at $90,860 per year.

2. Texas

Texas is the second best state in terms of employment level for registered nurses, with 184,890 jobs. In this state, the annual wage for registered nurses is about $67,580 per year.

3. New York

The third most populous state in the US is also ranked the third in terms of job for registered nurses. Tallying at 176,180, the employment level for registered nurses in this state is pretty good. And the median wage of $75,370 per year makes it even more lucrative for prospective registered nurses.

4. Florida

Following New York in the ranking for states with the highest employment levels is Florida. It has 164,800 jobs for registered nurses, while the average mean wage for people in this profession stands at $64,020 in this state.

5. Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania has 130,740 jobs for registered nurses, making it the 5th best state to work in, as far as employment levels are concerned. On average, registered nurses make about $67,140 per year in this state.

Note that these states are also the top most populous states in the US. Knowing that the demand for nurses will be high where there are more people, the statistics make quite sense. So if you are considering a career as a registered nurse, and wish to work in one of these states, do check out the licensing and registration requirements as per these individual states.

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