Surprising Facts about Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is rapidly progressing in online learning environment and mobile devices are no longer restricted to the classroom. Approximately every student has an access to cell phones, iPods, tablets and other mobile devices. Now administrators of online schools are quickly realizing that students can use those advanced devices to access school resources, websites, assignments and other educational resources from both campus and home. However, educators believe that it is critically important that students using mobile devices for their online learning first take acceptance from school, teachers, parents, and the school board because they need to understand why students are trying to implement this latest technology in their online learning.

Surprising Facts about Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning Breaks the Barriers of Time and Space

Online education experts believe that mobile learning breaks the barriers of time and space while enabling students to learn 24/7. However, online schools need the right policies to support structures and platforms primed for augmented online learning environment from school to home and in between.

Mobile Learning Promotes Online Learning

Mobile learning is not just about the device, but actually an advanced way of learning that allows students to pursue online education anywhere, anytime. According to some education experts mobile learning is a transformational phase in education that enables online instructors and students to teach and learn online courses with ease.

Using Web 2.0 Mobiles for Online Learning

Web 2.0 mobiles are a powerful learning tool plays a great role in promoting collaboration among teachers, students and their peers. Katy ISD has launched Web 2.0 tools and digital citizenship; later district administrators took district’s mobile learning initiatives and launched public Wi-Fi, and rolled out a “bring your own device” (BYOD) initiative along with the Wi-Fi launch.

Breakdown the Walls of Traditional Learning

Mobile learning also plays an important role in breaking the walls of traditional learning environment. Now you can learn any time, wherever you are, from the comfort of your home. Students usually have two or three devices such as smart phones, internet capable mobile device such as iPod touch and tablet devices, therefore online schools administrators are striving to provide students with devices with enough bandwidth and management capability to handle the increased demand.

Pursuing higher education has become an utmost need to pursue a rewarding and high paying job in today’s tough job market. Mobile learning has made it easier for online students to pursue their desired online degrees while accessing school resources, online course materials and more.

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