Accessible Education For Everyone: Community Colleges In Alabama

The nature of programs offered by community colleges varies highly with the needs of the particular area it is located in, and the community these colleges are catering to. Most community colleges in America are located very close to home, or are, at the most, an hours drive from their house, which makes it easier for students to return to their local college whenever they need educational training.

Accessible Education For Everyone: Community Colleges In Alabama

There are around 23 community colleges located in Alabama. Community schools conjointly are available in several forms and sizes, from undersized rural schools to massive multi field, urban schools. A broad range of certificate and associate programs are offered in these community colleges for students. These programs vary from Finance, Management, Accounts, and Business to Medicine, Health, Psychology, Engineering and Religion.

Community schools provide the programs that students need, whether or not students wish to complete one course for private enrichment or start an Associate’s Degree Program and transfer to a 4-year college, either option can easily be considered by the students.

Programs Offered:

Community colleges in Alabama, offer a large array of programs of study through its educational, technical and health sciences divisions.

One can join a community college and get an associate’s degree to become an engineer, doctor, or health care providers.Community colleges will provide students with the support and educational background. The duration of these programs is 2 years.

Following are the programs offered in community colleges in Alabama:

  • Associate’s in Arts Degrees
  • Associate’s in Science Degrees
  • Occupational Programs
  • Advanced Technology
  • Business Technology
  • Construction Electricity
  • Cosmetology
  • Engineering Technology
  • Machine Technology
  • Nursing
  • Paper and Chemical Technology
  • Practical Nursing (PN)
  • Registered Nursing (RN)
  • Welding


Tuition fees varies for local Alabama residents and students coming from out of the state

Residents of Alabama state $100 to $150 per credit hour
Out of the state residents $215 to $250 per credit hour
Miscellaneous charges $300

Programs for Athletes

Community colleges also recognize athletic talents and offer programs for them as well. Particularly for football, basketball and baseball. A talented and gifted player who might be weak academically, but amazing when it comes to the athletic standards of a major 4 year college. These athletes can play, while studying in two-year junior college and then transfer to the major college quite easily, meanwhile establishing education records in the process.

Community colleges have always been a cheap and easily accessible form of education in Alabama in particular and in America in general. It is a sure-shot way to get into four-year graduation college.

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