Turning your Smart Phone into a Study Tool

If your text books are weighing you down, you can lighten your load by making studying fun by turning your smart phone into a study tool.This is a study tool that you can incorporate into your busy life. Electronic data is more efficient, affordable, and can be downloaded in a matter of minutes directly to your cell phone. The application’s abilities are very large enabling you to create note cards, study games and even interact with your buddies.

Study Tool

Use Your Mobile Device to Create Electronic Note Cards

These days iPhone, Android or Blackberry device is more than just a way to stay in touch with family and friends. You can also use them to bring your studies and your homework with you wherever you go. With so much to do in a day and lots of things to carry around with you, it can make your day a lot easier and lighten your load. All you need to study is to bring this handy portable device with you to perform a variety of school-related tasks.

Take a Look at a Few Ways your Mobile Device can be an Excellent Study Tool:

Use as a calendar to keep a schedule of important dates Your phone can be used to keep all your school-related schedules. It is the perfect place to organize your daily schedule and keep track of when papers, homework and tests are coming up and when assignments are due. If you have trouble remembering important dates this portable device won’t let you ever forget another important date.

Use as flashcards and quiz yourself There are a broad range of applications that enable you touse flashcards right on your phone. This is excellent for testing your ability to remember information. It is also an excellent studying tool for exams and learning new vocabulary.You can also use your phone to quiz yourself on just about subject and from anywhere.

Review your class notes If your place your notes on your computer, it is easy to look at them on your phone. You can use an online text editor or email them to yourself to study later.

Research and gather information Researching has never been easier. If you need to do research or need to get information quickly about some unanswered questions, your phone with Internet connection can help you get these things done quickly with just the touch of a few buttons.

Turn your Smart Phone into a study tool. You will be able to study much better and save time with the help of your phone.

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3 Responses to “Turning your Smart Phone into a Study Tool”

  1. Ricardo says:

    It’s true that turn your iPhone into an online tool is one of the most useful ways to keep studying wherever you are, but I think it’s a little bit difficult to save your classes or to try to read some summaries or any kind of document in it I am currently studying at Uned University, an online university, and I use my cellphone to schedule my study’s time, to remember the memento I should be online for a class or an exam, but I tried to use it like a ‘little’ book and it did not work for me. The screen is too little and it is a little bit confused to intend to read on it. But it depends on your own, I know some colleagues who use their iPhone to study. But they are not too many.


    Christine S. Baker Reply:

    Thanks for your comment Ricardo.
    I agree with you, for some people studying through a phone no matter if it’s an iPhone is difficult. With a screen less than your palm size is hardly any encouragement. But here we are giving people options, telling them how a simple phone can even be turned to a study device. But nonetheless the choice is always yours. It’s flexibility over convenience.


    Dean Reply:

    Yes Christine agree with you, it’s just options to get study via smart phone


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