Smart Online Degrees for Busy Professionals and Stay-at-Home Moms

Whether you are a mom or someone working hard at a job without any hopes of a promotion, a fulfilling career may seem like a dream from La La Land. But do not give up. It’s time to do something about your career with online education. Flexibility and ability to keep your job or manage housework while you study make online degree programs an ideal choice for many. Check out some challenging and smart degrees that moms and busy professionals can pursue online.

Smart Online Degrees for Busy Professionals and Stay-at-Home Moms

1. Accounting

For those with a knack for numbers and an interest in budgeting and maintaining records, accounting is a very good choice. Not only will you get to learn a variety of courses such as Cost Accounting, Auditing, Business Laws, etc for your online degree, you’ll also be taught the use of complex accounting software. With an Online Degree in Accounting, you can now go further from managing your household’s budget in careers such as accountant or auditor.

2. Graphic Design

For the smart ones out there who have the skills to develop an idea into something bigger, getting an Online Graphic Design degree is the way to go. Most of graphic designing is done on computers, and there’s no reason why you won’t be able to do well in courses such as Photoshop for designers, typography for your online degree. So think about becoming a successful graphic designer with the right online education.

3. Business Administration

So you’ve always dreamed of entering the glistening corporate world? Many business transactions today are conducted online. So studying functional area courses such as Economics, Marketing, Finance, Management, Human Resources, etc. for your Online Degree in Business Administration will help you create a mark as finance, marketing, or management professional. Moms, it’s time to prove your mettle in the big boys’ world!

4. Computer Science

What could be a more relevant example of a great online degree than computer science? Getting into a computer-related field, such as Software Developing or Computer Programming, through a technology-driven mode of learning is obviously the right choice. Courses such as computer programming, software engineering, computer system organization, etc. will be a part of your online degree in computer sciences, helping you advance in your current job.

5. Communications

Be it writing, editing, publishing or public relations, tapping into the field with an Online Communications Program is a smart choice, indeed. With courses such as mass media, ethics, writing and editing, etc., it’s time you unleash the power of thoughts and speech into a fulfilling career where you will thrive in leaps and bounds.

6. Psychology

Think you’ve got what it takes to know and understand people? An Online Degree in Psychology will help you dig into your potential and pursue a career as a social worker or any other field related to psychology. Courses in neuroscience, personality building, general psychology, etc can be studied at the convenience of your home at your own schedule.

Some of these fields can be quite promising one. Therefore, get started with your search for the best online school for these degrees!

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  1. Joe Karns says:

    Great article. I think the Graphic Design degree would be most beneficial these days with so many businesses going online and even more expanding their already-online business. I myself had to switch industries a year ago and was not only able to get a graphic design degree online for relatively cheap, but I also watched a ton of useful tutorials on YouTube that helped compliment my online degree and enabled me to hit the ground running.

    Again, great article and I look forward to reading more as I consider going for an additional degree online.

    Joe in Michigan


    Christine S. Baker Reply:

    Thanks for sharing very honest & candid views Joe. I completely agree with having an additional degree/certificate nowadays to in order to stay in demand during challenging economy.


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