Roundup of 8 Wealthiest Academics in the World

A career in academia isn’t one that will rake in the big bucks, at least not right away. That is why educators need to have a strong desire to teach, be committed to the profession and love what they do before they see a great financial reward. Most educators pursue their careers in teaching because they truly love the profession. Then if they become rich and famous, so be it. Here’s a brief roundup of the 8 wealthiest academics in the world.

Wealthiest Academics in the World

There are some educators who have become wealthy off their desire to learn, teach and make a difference in the world. They have turned their passion for educating others into a profitable career. Their commitment and dedication to their professions is an inspiration to college students all across the world.

Henry SamueliHenry Samueli - Henry Samueli did not start out in the business industry. Samueli earned his doctorate degree in Electrical Engineering from UCLA, but today he is the co-founder, CTO, and senior vice president at the Broadcom Corporation. His net worth is approximately $2 billion. Not bad for an initial $5,000 investment.

Cyril TaylorCyril Taylor - Taylor and a few partners started the America Institute for Foreign Study back in 1964. He plays a major role in higher education both locally and internationally. His estimated net worth is over 6 million dollars. He also serves as Chancellor and Founder of Richmond, The American International Univesity in London.

James StewartJames Stewart - James Stewart is a retired mathematics professor. He became well known for his textbook series which can be found in high schools and universities all across the U.S. Stewart is a multi-millionaire with an estimated net worth at over $20 million.

David CheritonDavid Cheriton - Since 1981 professor David Cheriton has taught computer science at Stanford University. However, he is most famous for his investment in technology companies that made him over $1.5 billion. He was ranked by Forbes as the 19th wealthiest Canadian and 692nd in the world.

Robert S. LangerRobert S. Langer - Langer is one of the top academics in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering. He has a number of patents under his belt that have contributed to his fortune. Langer is a prolific inventor and holds more than 760 granted or pending patents. He has also authored more than 1,100 scientific papers and has participated in the founding of multiple technology companies.

Stephen HawkingStephen Hawking - Hawking’ career in Cosmology and Theoretical Physics and the popularity of his books has helped make him one of the wealthiest academics today. He is worth around $20 million. He was diagnosed with motor neurone disease at the age of 21. Stephen was awarded Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a lifetime member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

David SilversDavid Silvers - A great professor and researcher in Dermatology at Columbia University. Silvers owns homes worth over 2 million and makes more than the president of the University. His skin cancer research is a source of inspiration to future professors and researchers.

Adi ShamirAdi Shamir - An inspiring educator who worked at MIT as a researcher. He also taught classes at École Normale Supérieure, Paris. Shamir helped in the development of cryptography algorithms that brought him most ofhis wealth. He earned his doctorate degree in the late 70s. After a year postdoc at University of Warwick, Adi Shamir did research at MIT from 1977–1980 before returning to be a member of the faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Weizmann Institute.

This is a great reminder for all teaching enthusiasts out there that one can make money through this profession. There is always room at the top!

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