Having A Career In Respiratory Therapy In California

The demand of respiratory therapists in California is likely to grow due to anticipated advancement in the treatments for patients with breathing issues, heart conditions and other accident victims. Many respiratory therapy professionals will be required as it is among the top careers of 2013.

Career In Respiratory Therapy In California

California – The Best State For Healthcare Professionals

California is the most populous state of the United States which shows a clear demand of professionals in every industry and sector. 8 of the most populated cities in the world including Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Long Beach, Oakland and Sacramento. Healthcare and education is among the five largest sectors in terms of employment in California, while it is also one of the popular sectors with a huge output.

Respiratory Therapy Degrees Offered in California

Some popular respiratory therapy degrees to pursue are:

Associate of Science in Respiratory Therapy

This degree prepares students to get entry-level positions in the healthcare industry. Associate degree holders work under supervision to measure patients’ breathing ability or their pH level. This consists of 4 to 5 semesters along will clinical practice.

The typical courses includes:

  • Chemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Patient assessment

Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy

This program provides insight into complex therapeutic procedures and helps students understand the coordination process with doctors and other staff. It allows students to carry out independent judgment, and diagnose disorders like asthma and emphysema to ensure respiratory care.

Core courses include:

  • Patient evaluation
  • Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation
  • Critical care
  • Special procedures
  • Pharmacology

Master of Science in Respiratory Therapy

This degree includes management evaluation and development of technology for multifaceted respiratory care procedures. At this stage students can choose to specialize in areas like regulatory affairs, clinical trial design and leadership, respiratory care and even in health management.

Coursework for this graduate degree includes subjects like:

  • Research design
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Cardiopulmonary pathophysiology
  • Emergency medicine
  • Advanced respiratory care

Employment Prospects for Respiratory Therapists in California

California ranks as the top state with the highest ratio of employed respiratory therapists. This is an encouraging factor for students who intend to join this field. The actual count of respiratory therapists who served in California in May 2012 was 14,800.

  • Issues to Deal with:
    Nationwide the employment prospects for respiratory therapists will increase by 28 percent till 2020. As the growth of elderly population is high; therefore, the respiratory issues like chronic bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma will be seen more. This alone can be a major factor for the requirement of respiratory therapists in California.

  • Popular Places in California to work:
    Apart from private practices and general hospitals, graduate might find many opportunities in nursing homes. Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Cedars- Sinai Medical Center, Stanford Hospital and Clinics, UC San Diego Medical Center and many others can be chosen to work in California as these are the top ranked hospitals of the state.

Some popular posts respiratory therapists can pursue include:

  • Researcher
  • Equipment supplier
  • Home health-care provider
  • Respiratory Therapist

Pay scale of Respiratory Therapists in California

The annual median income of a respiratory therapist in California, as of 2013 was $71,000.

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