What are the Requirements for Online Nursing Degree RN?

If you are interested in developing a career in nursing, there are various areas which you can choose for specialization like the ER, the ICU, Labor and Delivery and other related practices used by doctors. You need to have a nursing degree to become a nurse. There are many accredited nursing schools offering a variety of online nursing degrees. In order to become a professional nurse, you need to opt for a Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) Degree which will enable to you to enter the field. It takes about a year to complete the course and enables you to pursue Registered Nursing (RN) degree. This will help you to earn an RN license, a basic requirement for getting a nursing job.

Online Nursing Degree RN

If you are not able to attend on-campus classes, you can earn nursing degree online to develop a nursing career from an online nursing school. Statistics indicate that there are over 3 million nurses in America and out of this, 3 of every 5 work in various healthcare centers like hospitals and the rest work with physicians, nursing care facilities, home healthcare services and government agencies. If you have a RN from an online nursing school then you are expected to have a lot of job options within the next decade.

Requirements for Online Nursing Degree

With an online nursing degree, you can be either work in a hospital or with a surgeon or physician. You can also opt to become an Advance Practice Nurse. To pursue an online nursing degree RN, you need to have a LPN or a bachelor degree with a GPA of 2.5. You can also get into an entry level job with a basic diploma from a hospital program or an associate degree in nursing. To get into an advanced position in nursing, you need to have a BSN or a Master coupled with adequate working experience.

There are various types of online nursing degrees available to become a Registered Nurse (or RN)and Bachelor degree in nursing (or BSN). If you want to enter the field of nursing, an online nursing degree can help you get started on your way to an RN. If you already have a diploma or associate degree, an online nursing degree can help you towards your BSN.

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  1. Well I am from New York Currently I am working at small clinic. Its looking nice for me to enhance my abilities. That’s for sure I will do this one.


  2. Phoenix says:

    I was able to do the RN to BSN online thing. I can tell you from personal experience that there are two things to consider if you are thinking of doing it. First, find a school that has a traditional campus that also offers an online program. That way in the future when you send your resume out those that are still closed minded about online education will not be able to determine just from your resume how you got a degree. Second, if you are not a strong self starter do not do an online program. When you are at home and have all the distractions of your normal life available to you it can be hard to sit there and read four chapters, or to write a paper. I got my degree with Jacksonville University (http://www.jacksonvilleu.com). There are lots of choices out there now. Take your time and find the right one for you.


  3. Dean says:

    Hey, I really liked the part when you talk about requirement for online nursing degree. Really informative


  4. Mary says:

    My GPA is 3 from an engineering background. Does it have to be relevent to nursing for entry to nursing?


    Christine S. Baker Reply:

    Mary, you don’t necessarily have to have nursing background just to do a basic course in nursing. You can do a short certification anyhow.


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