Pursuing An Online Master’s Degree In English? Don’t Do It, Here Are 3 Reasons Why

If you are planning to pursue your master’s degree online, do not think of earning a Master’s Degree in English. If you adore books, please don’t waste your time in doing a Masters in English online, rather get enrolled in a book club or dive into criticism databases like MLA and JSTOR. Love for books is not a convincing enough reason to spend two years of your life in debt and mental exhaustion.

Here are three valid reasons why you should not consider doing an Online Master’s Degree In English:

1. Low Salary Scale

High salary outcome is the most important factor in pursuing any master’s degree online. There is no denying the fact that humanities degrees have a low job market. For an English master’s degree holder, the average yearly income would be $20,000 for teaching full-time at a college, with no health insurance and job security.

Low Salary Scale

Even if you plan to become a professor, the job market is such that college teaching positions are now getting applicants who are PhDs; in such a scenario an MA is least likely to be considered . So your hopes of getting a job as a college professor with an MA are very bleak.

2. No Technical Skills For The Workplace

If you plan to become a writer or an editor: you don’t really need a Master’s Degree in English. For writing; read voraciously, start a blog and practice writing because practice makes one perfect. You can become an awesome writer even without an Online Master’s Degree.

No Technical Skills For The Workplace

And as for editing, only a keen eye, internships, training and sufficient experience can help you become an editor. Networking is also important, only an MA would not get you the job.

3. Keeps You Away From The Real World

English degree does not prepare one for the real world i.e. getting a job and paying your bills, rather an MA is the perfecrt way to delay entering the real world for two more years. How many people with English degrees can actually apply their skills in real and admirable ways? Real technical skills and a lot of experience are required to get jobs these days. The biggest drawback of English majors is that they hardly get a chance to apply their skills in real life.

Keeps You Away From The Real World

To put it briefly, an Online Master’s Degree In English should not be pursued without a very good reason. One of the best things about studying literature is that everything is available on the net, you can read as many books as you want from the comfort of your home. You can satisfy your thirst for reading, completely free of cost.

So save yourself from debt, get an Online Master’s Degree in Business Or Nursing instead, they have a high salary range with brighter future prospects.

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