Earning Online Associate Degree in Paralegal

Associate Degree in Paralegal

Paralegal as a profession did not exist few decades back as the attorneys themselves did all work needed to defend their case. Today we have a set of professional who specialize in assisting an attorney. In other words students are trained in performing legal research, preparing accounts, contracts, legal strategy, statements and drafts and all other assistance required before trial. In order to cater to the rising need for paralegal professionals the first step would be to complete an associate paralegal degree program.

Different kinds of Online Paralegal Associate Degrees

The associate degree program is spread across two years of full time study or 60 hours of semester credit. It is a full fledged training preparing the individuals helping them enter the work force soon after completion.

  • Associate’s of Art in Paralegal – This course teaches students communication in a legal setup, problem solving and other exercises in which they learn to merge concepts from various legal frameworks and learn effective legal research techniques. It is a fundamental course for all further specialized studies in law.
  • Associate’s Paralegal Degree – It involves study of law courses and other subjects like Math, Science and English, together with a practical training on paralegal services. Training involves analyzing and extracting legal information, preparing document for civil, criminal and other law cases, prepare legal forms for real estate, litigation and criminal cases. In short this course puts them into work with immediate effect

Online Paralegal Associate Degree Program

With online courses on its way, education has become accessible to everyone. Whether busy professionals or house wives those who are willing to learn have a chance to do it. Not only finding a new career, online education also makes advancement in their current career a dream come reality for those are into employment. This enables them get into better jobs at excellent pay scales.

While the cons of such education is that, it is suitable only for those who are good at self motivated work and adhere to self disciplined study environment.

Earnings and Career Opportunities for Paralegals

Common to any field, earning mainly depends upon the nature of job, place of employment, nature and size of the organization employed with, level of training and experience of the employee. The earning range is between $40,000 and $60,000 annually.

Obtaining an associate degree is basic to begin with a career in paralegal services. A paralegal normally finds place in government offices, attorney’s office, law firms, insurance firms and real estate business houses. Their areas of specializations involve corporate law, immigration, medical product litigation, real estate and bankruptcy. With more and more experience they tend to get into bigger law firms and make their position indispensible for the organization they work for.

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