What Does The Big Apple Offer to Online Associate Degree Pursuers?

Online degree programs are becoming more popular by the minute and aspiring students are keeping their options open as far as choosing the programs is concerned. The US is a diverse country not only in its population but also in how different states function. Certain professions might be more popular in Texas compared to others in New York, and similarly certain online programs are better in one state versus another.

What Does The Big Apple Offer to Online Associate Degree Pursuers?

Yes, getting an online degree simply means that you can access that knowledge from anywhere in the globe but certain schools in certain states are better suited for certain programs, and the quality of that education is substantially better in that certain field. By now you must certainly have gotten the point!

The Big Apple is inundated with people each year who come there to seek better jobs and opportunities. New York offers some of the highest salaries and employment options for many careers, and online education is widely accepted in the state as a valuable means of educating oneself.

Kick Start Your Career with an Online Associate Degree from New York

If you are contemplating the best route to achieve your professional goals, an associate degree is the ideal option. A two year associate degree lays the groundwork for the relevant career and gives you some time to figure out the specialization you want to proceed ahead with.

New York is the state of opportunity, diversity, success and commitment. It is also a state that is accepting and welcoming towards new avenues of education and different career paths, making online New York schools definite contenders in the online degree market.

New York has some of the best universities in the US but due to spiking tuition costs and other related living costs, more and more aspiring students are leaning towards distance learning. You can argue that if a program is essentially virtual, then it shouldn’t matter where the online college is located or functioning out of. I would argue that the curriculum, quality of education, faculty and exposure makes a difference.

Getting an online associate degree from New York will give you a more interactive, and holistic perspective with courses designed by world class faculty and the best virtual classroom facilities.

Some Popular Online Degree Options in New York:

  • Business Administration
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Health and public management
  • IT
  • Education
  • Nursing
  • Fashion Design
  • Media and Communications/PR

Bring Out the Money

So how much does all this cost? Online degrees might be cheaper alternatives to traditional campus-based degrees but they aren’t necessarily cheap. The cost of the degree depends on geographical location, popularity of the institute and program, the profession itself, supply and demand, and services included to name a few. Some discounts are even available for in state students.

Most associate programs in NY are based on a credit hour basis. On average an online associate degree can cost you anywhere between $150 per credit hour to $220 per credit hour.If you are a resident of the State that the online college degree is in your tuition could be $8,000 versus up to $20,000 for a non-resident, although some online associate degree costs are the same.

In New York you can expect to get a good online associate degree in under $2000 per semester. Choose wisely and carefully.

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