6 Best Reasons why I am an Online Student

For me it was an easy decision to choose the online mode of learning. Online learning has so many benefits, it is unimaginable why anyone would not want to be an online student. I could go on and on for days about these many benefits, but this medium only permits me to mention just six. So based on my own experience, here are my top six best reasons why I am an online student.

1. Study anytime, anywhere:

Online Students can Study anytime anywhere

As an online student, I can study at any time of my convenience and in any location as long as I have access to the interne. Thus gives me extreme flexibility as I can plan my study time around my work schedule without affecting my work time. In addition, if I am late at work or traveling on business, I will not miss any lectures as my school goes with me wherever I go ?

2. Student-centered Teaching:

Online courses are taught different from classes in traditional campuses. Online education is very student centered. The courses are designed to reach students of varying levels of understanding. As a result, online courses are divided into various modules, each with their corresponding exams. They guide students through the program in a methodical manner that promotes easy learning.

3. Cost:

Online Courses are Affordable than Campus Degrees

Although some universities charge a technology fee that is built into the overall cost of their online courses, the overall cost of the online course is less than that of traditional schools. With online schooling, there is cost associated with travel, boarding and campus life.

4. Access and associations:

Online colleges give us students, unlimited access to their vast digital library filled with information to enhance our studies. I found it so helpful during my research thesis when I was digging for information. In addition, my online college was associated with several professional bodies. This association also gave me access to their private information on the development of various technologies, production and maintenance manuals and journals.

5. Multi-cultured Input:

Online Student Enjoys Diversity of Culture in their Classes

Being an online student opened my eyes to many cultures from across the world. In my class, we have students from the Far East, Africa, Latin America, USA and Europe. This made our online class discussions very interesting as we had input from varying perspectives. We also learnt how to exercise tolerance about other people’s opinion when they differed from ours. In addition, from the camaraderie that developed in our class, we able to establish various business alliances that are still contributing to my success today.

6. Less Intimidating:

There is no Fear of Bullying by Peers for Online Students

While at high school, I was a very subdued individual. I was afraid that my opinions will be laughed at and would follow me around on the school campus. I found that with online degree, I was able to burst out of my shell and become more involved in class discussion. The anonymity helped to become more confident as no one could follow me around and call me names as before. Therefore, whatever friendship I developed was done so on a level playing field.

So what are your experiences as an Online Student?

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