Myths about Online School

Let’s face it; paying for college is one of the most critical financial decisions we’ll make in our lives. That’s why we are all very cautious when it comes to tuition fee, since even a dollar saved is an achievement for cash-strapped students.

Myths about Online School

Often, online education is touted as being an affordable option, leading many to believe that it’s a rather cheap and easy way to a four-year degree. But…

…Cheap Online Degrees? Now Don’t You Get Misled By Half The Truth

In most cases, if you add up the tuition for an online program, it nearly adds up to the same as an on-campus program. Heck, in many cases, online programs are actually dearer! So before thinking that some loose change will get you into a top quality online degree program, think again.

Online Degrees DO Offer Many Ways of Reducing College Costs

Having clarified that it’s not a low tuition that makes online schools more affordable, let’s take a look at the ways in which you save your hard-earned bucks with an online degree.

  • Gas costs: Commuting to and from college means you’ll be consuming fuel on an almost daily basis. With online schools, there is no additional fuel cost. Alternately, it could be bus fare you will be saving up.
  • Car wear and tear: If you use your own vehicle for commuting, you will also save on the maintenance charges to keep it in good running condition.
  • Accommodation and boarding: In many cases, students may have to get accommodation at the college campus, especially if your dream university is miles away from home. Go for online courses and programs), and you can reach out to the best faculty and curriculum right at your home.
  • Additional college expenses: From lab and equipment charges, to library fees and other miscellaneous expenses, living on-campus can be quite expensive.

The Opportunity Cost Of Being Able To Work

The best part about online education is that you don’t have to give up your jobs to get your degree as you can study at your own schedule. Now that’s some significant amount of money that would have been earnings foregone with an on-campus degree.

Scholarships and Loan Options

State and federal aid can be availed for many online programs. The condition is that they should be accredited by a recognized body. Similarly, many schools offer loans, grants and scholarships on a need or merit basis to deserving candidates. These are some ways of slashing your college bill.

Flexible Payment Plans

With many online schools, a flexible payment plan makes the financial burden much easier to manage. For instance, you may make a payment plan to pay every month, or even get your payment deferred in some cases.

Employer Assistance or Reimbursement

Since students work simultaneously with their online degrees, many employers realize that the worth of their employees and their skills and productivity will improve with college education. That’s why you may even get partial or full assistance with your degree more easily than with an on-campus education where you may have had to leave your job. Of course employer assistance comes with some conditions, such as sticking with your employer for a certain number of years after graduating.

Accreditation is IMPORTANT!!!

We have a name for colleges which literally give away a degree with minimalist academic work and for a small sum of money – DIPLOMA MILLS! Beware of these and make sure you check the accreditation of every online school you apply to, no matter how lucrative the low price tag may be.

These are some very significant ways that online schools can save up expenses for you. Now you know what people mean when they say an online degree program is more affordable.

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