Types of Learning with Online Degree

If you are interested in taking admission at online degree program, it is advisable that you take a closer look at wide variety of learning styles. Tuition routines in traditional classes are completely different from online classes. Because of this, a proper understanding of the online learning routines is an absolute must as it plays a prominent part in the decision making. With good decision making, your study habits are bound to improve.

Kinds of Learning Styles

The three main learning styles are kinesthetic, visual and auditory. Reading, seeing and listening are widely been regarded as passive routines of learning. On the other hand, speaking and doing are considered as active learning routines.

Passive Learning

In comparison to active learning, you will not find much retention in passive learning. For good retention, a combination of seeing and listening is important. After seeing and listening combination, there is a turn of listening. After that, comes seeing and reading. To get the best out of passive learning methods, you need to be self-disciplined. Reading part will only be successful when you have devoted quality time in seeing and listening combination.

Active Learning

When the learning environment is up to the mark, majority of individuals tend to remember better what they have implemented in the past. A combination of speaking and doing can turn out to be quite effective, followed by speaking. All this active learning methods are more effective in comparison to Passive Learning. Proper implementation of active learning methods can come in real handy if your main objective is to earn online degree quickly.

Combination of Active and Passive Learning

In an online degree program, you will find both active and passive learning. Active learning includes writing, chat and emails. Passive learning includes text-reading, graphics and audio-clips. Before you take admission in an online degree program, be clear in your mind that each individual learns in a different way and therefore it’s your responsibility to come up with a learning method which suits you. By opting for right kind of online college courses, you can increase your chances of attaining success.

In order to come up with a right kind of learning method, make sure that you take the assistance of your tutor. Experienced tutors will surely help you in developing a learning method that is tailor made for you. If the recommendations of your tutor are realistic, implement it straightaway rather than wasting time. As online degree gives you plenty of flexibility, you always have an option of modification. In an online degree program, you can attend classes anytime you want, on the basis of your own schedule. Further, if you are a bit busy in your work and require some break in your studies, you can easily get that. But before you go this route, it is of utmost importance that you practice your learning methods on a regular basis without any sort of break. Once you stop practicing, you will not feel at ease when you start studying again. This can have a negative impact on your studies.

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  2. Emily Wood says:

    The responsibility of learning in online degree programs rests entirely with the students. Since these courses are self-paced and students don’t need to attend classes on campus, it becomes imperative that one doesn’t become lax. You may get distracted by things happening around you or tempted to put off studying to watch a game, but the key is to not get sidetracked and work out a learning schedule that suits you. Online degree programs offer many of us a chance to get a good education and can open the door to a great future. Many colleges, such as Stevens-Henager College, offer accredited degree programs that can be pursed online.


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