5 Tips for Online Instructor Success

There’s no question that distance education is on the rise and the demand for online instructors will follow suit. However, to get the most of your online teaching experience and to make your online class a success use these five tips for online instructor success in a virtual classroom setting.

Online Instructor
  1. Preparation is key to Online Instructor success – In an online environment you cannot ‘wing it’ and get success. Preparation beforehand will allow you to conduct your class with ease. It is best to get familiar with the topic you will be teaching and become familiar with the format, operation and design of your online classroom.
  2. Be organized – Organization is essential in an online setting. This will remove anxiety and create a smoother transition for you and your students. Design and implement an online course that is clear and organized. Make sure students are clear on what is expected of them. If you are lacking in time management and organizational skills, get the experience you need to succeed in the online classroom.
  3. Give feedback and get feedback – Students like to feel wanted so get suggestions and feedback about the online classroom, online degree programs and courses and if there’s anything that needs improving. It is very important that students are given an opportunity to make their voices heard– Students like to also get feedback from teachers, so give constant encouragement and positive feedback so students can get the motivation they need to succeed. Students also need feedback on how they are doing in class, so let students know if they are lacking in areas and needs improvement.
  4. Try to be available and easily accessible – Especially in an online format, students are all alone so let them feel that they can count on you to be there for them when they need you to be. Give them your contact information such as email and office hours, but try to be available as much as possible. And respond to student’s inquiries and concerns as soon as possible.
  5. Create a friendly and comfortable online environment – Make sure students are staying connected with their online classmates and working together to get the support that is not necessarily available when attending class online. Remind students to sign up on the internet and participate in online discussions, chat boards and join online groups. Also design your course to promote quality interaction between students, classmates and teacher. Keep the class fun and interesting. Students that are involved and engaged in the online classroom, tends to do better.

Making the transition from the traditional classroom to an online learning format is not easy and can be intimidating. I hope these five tips for online instructor success will bring you the success you need.

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