False Alarm – Online Graduates are worthless in Job Market!

If you have just earned your online degree and you are pleased with what have accomplished, then you must be preparing for the job hunt. The questions arise in this situation are; whether an online degree prepared you for the job marketand will the skills you worked hard to earn be worth anything in the competitive job market of today?

The Value of Online Graduates among Employers

With employers, what stands out most with online graduates is their life experience. Usually these graduates have real world work experience, which give them the advantage over someone graduating from a traditional college. Most online graduates are older and they have held jobs while they were earning their online degree. This has value in the current job market.

Issues withTraditional Campus Degree Holders

Traditional campus degree holders usually have the problem of commuting. Moreover, they might not be able to go to any foreign university due to the high cost of relocating; and this will limit their options of pursuing higher education. Another common issue with traditional degree holders is that they are not able to successfully balance their personal and professional life and end up in quitting either their job or studies.Online graduates on the other hand are usually seasoned and seeking to increase their skills or switch gears to a profession that they have thoroughly researched through their degrees.

Online Graduates are prepared for the Job Market

In the current job market, many online graduates already have full-time jobs. They are just taking additional schooling to increase their knowledge base or to compete for advancement.

The Experience Advantage of Online Graduates

The employment experience of online graduates can assists them when planning and initiating work projects in the workplace. They are prepared to make critical decisions and assist their new employer immediately. In most of the cases, online graduates are ready to make critical decisions and assist their new employer because of their professional experience. They have online degree, plus working experience, which is a clear advantage over traditional degree holders.

The Worthlessness of Online Degrees is a False Alarm

So friends as you can gather from the discussion above, online degrees actually leave you at an advantage. Ask the graduate of an accredited online degree program,and you will find out the truth.

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