Online Degrees That Equate Career Success In 2012

The New Year is about to start and you are all set to rock the world with your talent and passion. However the recent economy seems bent on not letting you succeed. How to checkmate it? One strategy to employ is to go for the degrees that will equate career success in the following years. Since we can’t foretell the future, we will place our bet on online degrees that find work in a variety of fields and that allow you to adapt yourself to change and to be flexible. We feel the following degrees will lead you to career success in the 2012.

Business Degrees Online

A Bachelor’s in Business Administration has been one of the most in demand degrees for the last couple of years and this trend will continue for some time. A BBA degree offers many specializations like accounts, finance, human resource, marketing, supply chain, operations and logistics, and entrepreneurship. The median starting salary for graduates with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration is $35,000-40,000.

Education Degrees Online

While a Bachelor’s in Education may not lead you to the highest paying jobs out there, it almost always guarantees employment, and can lead to a very satisfying career. This degree teaches career knowledge and skills needed to succeed as a teacher. If you really have the aptitude for it and are ready to advance your education and specialize then the career prospects are very bright. You can find a niche, such as secondary education and special education or you can even work as an administrator or join text book companies. The starting annual salary for graduates with an Online Bachelor’s in Education is $33,000.

Communication Degrees Online

Communications is a general liberal arts degree that equips you with skills that can be employed in almost any industry from social media to journalism to advertising, management, public relations, politics and journalism. Although the salary varies widely in the field of Communications, graduates can expect a median starting salary from $35,000-55,000.

Computers Science Degrees Online

That this degree will lead to success in the future is a no brainer. Every business today depends upon technology to grow and prosper and this dependence is likely to continue. A Bachelor’s in Computer Science equips you to use this technology in the real world and to help others use it as well. Computer science grads learn to code languages and solve problems and get jobs as software engineers, software developers, programmer analysts and networking specialist. The BLS predicts that it will grow at 37% till 2016 and their median starting salary is $56,400.

In order to succeed in this constantly changing technological landscape you need to either “Adapt or die!” Choose one of the above online degrees and guarantee your seat for the future.

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