Online College Programs for Seniors

With online colleges gaining tremendous popularity, more people are attending online courses. These include non-traditional students like stay at home moms, army veterans and seniors. According to the Senior Journal website, people older than the traditional campus college age are pursuing higher education. These are senior in the age group of 40 to 60 years. Seniors are now considering the option of online college degree programs.

Top Reasons Why Seniors Prefer Online College Programs

Statistics indicate that seniors are returning to college for various reasons, like gaining knowledge and specific skill sets after their retirement. Some even consider them to follow their dreams and aspirations which they might have postponed due to family commitments. Seniors are now pursuing online degrees through distance education due to various reasons.

Seniors consider online degrees are:

  • Less Intimidating: At times seniors avoid pursuing higher education as they feel that their peers and instructors might be many years younger. They feel that they might not fit in a place where there are lots of younger people. Also they feel that they might not be as active as their younger counterparts. However, in a distance learning format, age and agility do not restrict them from pursuing specialized or higher online courses. As there is no face to face interaction with students and mentors, most online professors are accustomed to working with senior students. They can pursue the online courses at their own pace and convenience and without traveling to campus colleges.
  • More Flexible: Seniors usually have more commitments, both social as well as financial commitments, which make it difficult for them to attend regular classes as offered by campus colleges. Online college degrees enable them to study and pursue top online courses at anytime and from anywhere. In some cases, some seniors are not able to commute to college due to health reasons or physical problems. At times they might not be able to drive or travel to their colleges due to health problems. Online degrees enable seniors to study from the comfort of their homes.
  • Cost-effective: Online courses are less expensive, tuition wise, than traditional campus colleges. Students also save a lot on commute, as there is no travelling to and from college. Moreover, the books and supplies are also less expensive as most of the coursework and study material is available online. Apart from this, grants and scholarships are also offered for nontraditional students. They are eligible for similar financial aids that traditional students can apply for. Local government at the state level can also offer scholarship for seniors as they are considered nontraditional learners.

Distance education provides senior students an opportunity to pursue higher education and gain the desired knowledge and skills. It meets their requirements in terms of cost effectiveness and flexibility. These benefits have enabled more and more seniors to go back to school and fulfill their dreams.

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  3. Online education is probably the most popular among non-traditional students like stay at home moms, people with disabilities, retired folk and individuals who return to school later in life. Like the author says, it’s probably less intimidating for them to complete their coursework from the comfort of their homes than sit in a classroom full of students. Distance learning programs are also more accessible as students can pick programs from schools across the country and even abroad.

    If you belong to this class of students or are just someone who likes the flexibility of online education, this would be a good start.


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