Online College Course in Culinary Arts

Do you like to cook? Do you enjoy making beautiful food displays for people to enjoy? Do you want to want to gain your culinary arts skills from the comfort of your home? Then you should be in an online culinary arts school. An online culinary arts school offers students a hands-on high level training into the many facets of cooking. This broad based course ranges from studies in basic cooking, knife skills through to restaurant management. The training gained from an online culinary course prepares students for all types of jobs in the field of culinary arts.

Many culinary arts students are required to have a degree in culinary arts to be able to break into the sector of culinary arts. They use the modern training they receive to overcome the challenged put up by those experienced individuals already existing in the field. Likewise, those in the field who do not have formal training utilize online culinary arts degree program to solidify their place and promote career growth in the sector.

Course Outline of an Online Course in Culinary Arts

It takes a special effort to deliver an online course in culinary arts. The course is divided into several modules with clear instruction and step-by-step illustrations that allow students to hone their culinary skills and be successful in the field.

The course begins with a module that teaches students how to train their pallet. You cannot be a good cook if you do not know what good food should taste like. It then graduates into different types of worldwide food and culinary cultures. At this level, students are taught knife skills, the difference between moist and dry heat cooking methods, pastry and sauce making and baking. As students increase their confidence levels, they are introduced to how to plan menus and create complicated dishes for large-scale cooking and display and restaurant management.

For those students who go on to specialize in restaurant management, they must also undergo training in food and beverage management, nutrition and sanitation, communications, human resource management, marketing, hospitality and business administration.

Types of Online Culinary Arts Courses

Online culinary arts courses are offered at all levels of study. Not all online universities will offer every level of study but in general, online courses in culinary arts are available at the associate, bachelor, master and PhD level.

The associate degree in culinary arts introduces students to the profession and develops their appreciation for good food. At the bachelor level, students begin to dissect the science of culinary arts and indulge into areas of management. At the master level, students begin to specialize in one of the many facets of the profession. By the time the at the PhD level, they are ready to do research that develops new concepts to improve the industry.

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