Step into the Glamorous Fashion Industry with an Online Certificate in Fashion Design

Are you a fashion aficionado but don’t have time to go for a full-fledged 2-year or 4-year bachelor degree? Then you must consider going for a certificate in fashion design to get acquainted with the theories and principles of fashion designing, for a shorter duration of a few months to a year.

Step into the Glamorous Fashion Industry with an Online Certificate in Fashion Design

What are the admission requirements for enrolling in an Online Fashion Design Certificate?

In order to apply for enrollment in a Certificate Program In Fashion Design, students have to submit the following in general:

  1. High school transcripts or GED test results.
  2. A statement of purpose describing your interest in fashion.
  3. Detailed resume containing your work and educational experience as well as other qualifications.
  4. A portfolio of work or any other collage or image that shows your interest in fashion.

These admission requirements vary from institution to institution, so you should check for each of the online fashion schools you are applying to individually.

What are some courses that I may be taught for an Online Fashion Design Certificate?

Usually, colleges and universities offer around 6 courses for a certificate program. Examples of some courses offered by various online schools and colleges include:

  • Introduction to Fashion Design
  • Introduction to Creative Design
  • Fashion and Art
  • Design Sketching
  • Tailoring
  • Pattern Drafting
  • Color Theory
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Couture Design

Besides these core courses, students may also be required to complete a project related to fashion, in which basic fashion design skills, such as sewing, computer aided technology (CAD), identifying fibers and fabrics, sketching and developing patterns will be assessed.

What careers can I go for after completion of my Online Fashion Design Certificate?

A certificate in fashion design can be your stepping stone into this field. Besides the obvious choice of becoming a fashion designer for a designing house, you can also go into pattern making and styling, fashion marketing and management, and even production of specific fashion collections, for example at a retail chain.

Who should go for an Online Fashion Design Certificate?

In general, people who already have an undergraduate degree and wish to break into the fashion design industry opt for a certificate program as a starting point. Besides spending additional time in college after a full-fledged degree, usually students also do want to leave their jobs and lose their incomes. For such busy individuals, an online certificate in fashion design offers the convenience of study at their own schedules, as well of managing to keep their source of earning as they pursue their dreams of a career in this industry.

Breaking into the fashion industry is not easy. But with the right education and dedicated efforts as you pursue your Online Certificate in Fashion Design, you will stand a very good chance to get a much-coveted job.

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