Online Business College versus Campus Business College

If you are thinking about business school, you are probably wondering if you should attend Campus College or an Online College. Well, if you have the time to attend classes on campus then you should go for it. However, online learning is mainly designed for those of us who cannot attend the traditional classroom setting, due to our hectic work schedule, family obligations and other life activities. Online schools are a great place to further your education. So, if you are looking for a better way to earn a living, advance your career or improve your salary from the comfort and convenience of your home then here is the 10 best online business schools that you can consider attending.

  • DeVry University – Online
  • Kaplan University, School of Business – Online
  • Colorado Technical University – Online
  • American InterContinental University – Online
  • ITT Technical Institute, School of Business – Online
  • Capella University Graduate School – Online
  • University of Maryland University College – Online
  • Asford University –Online
Comparison Online College versus Campus College

What is the Best Online Business School for you?

Only you can determine which online business school can best meet your individual needs. Our main goal is to save you some time by giving you a list of what we think are the best online business colleges and universities. We advise and encourage you to request free information from any of the colleges listed above which interest you, then you make determine which online school best meet your needs.

Campus College Vs. Online College

Highlighted in an article written by Sheila Tucker, from East Carolina University, titled Distance Education: Better, Worse, than or as Good as Traditional Education? This article shows that it is important that research be done to determine if distance learning is as effective as traditional education. The major goal of this study was to determine if distance education is better, worse, or as good as traditional education. The same instructor taught both classes and ensured that the requirements for both classes were the same. Both classes required the use of technology and provided considerable rigor and value to the education process. This study concurs with the general body of knowledge that distance education can be just as good as traditional face-to-face education.

No Significant Differences in Distance Education vs. Traditional Education

No significant differences were found between pre-test scores, homework grades, research paper grades and final course grades. However, there were significant differences between the two groups with regard to age, post-test scores, and final exam scores. Distance education students scored higher in all three categories. Yet, this is not sufficient evidence to conclude that distance education is superior to traditional education. Other factors may have contributed to these results. For example, the distance education delivery method catered to, in part, students’ preferred learning styles. They preferred Direct Experience, and the structure of the course allowed for considerable hands-on experience in learning course content. They least preferred authority and the structure of the course allowed them the freedom to work Independently on course material.


This study adds to the growing body of research regarding distance education. It is important to note that a lack of significant difference in final course grades may indicate that one delivery method is not superior to the other. Thus, this study can conclude that while distance education may not be superior to or better than traditional face-to-face education, it is not worse than traditional education. It can be an acceptable alternative because it is just as good as traditional education.

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