Looking for Nursing Jobs in New York, NY

There is a growing need for qualified nurses in New York which can be fulfilled by students pursuing Online Nursing Degrees. The reason why Online Degrees are so popular among nurses is that online education allows nurses to gain higher education without discontinuing their current job or compromising on their family commitments.

Looking for Nursing Jobs in New York

Nursing Jobs in New York

New York has a diverse culture and offers world-class healthcare facilities and nursing jobs. It has a well-developed healthcare sector that offers a lot of job opportunities for nurses. Some prominent healthcare facilities in the city are the Cancer Center of Memorial Sloan-Kettering and New York-Presbyterians Cancer Center, leading women’s services and level 4 neonatal ICU.

In order to fill nursing jobs in the state, New York is establishing various processes to improve funding and academic training for prospective nurses. Statistics indicate that New York is likely to have a shortage of about 37,000 nurses by about 2015, with most of the vacancies being in New York City area. But according to the Health Care Association of New York State four out of five hospitals in the states are already seeing a shortage of experienced nurses. This means there is a great demand for nurses that needs to be fulfilled.

Nursing Jobs Statistics in New York

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, employment among Registered Nurses will increase faster than average as compared to other jobs through 2018. This means that RN salaries are likely to increase at a very fast pace in spite of the economic slowdown. Moreover, the demand for qualified nurses is likely to rise due to the rise in the median age of the US population.

New York, Los Angeles and Chicago are three cities that are likely to see the greatest demand for an increase in the number of nursing jobs. These cities are also likely to offer higher salaries and better incentives. According to statistics provided by Los Angeles Times, RN Magazine and Rand McNally, New York employs about 69,600 nurses. Some job opportunities include, Certified Nurse Assistant / CNA / PCA / PCT Jobs, Health Care – Paediatric Nursing – RN Registered Nurse and also travel nursing offered by FASTAFF Travel Nursing.

If you are living in New York and have been aspiring to become a nurse, this is the right time to get into this fieldby pursuingOnline Nursing Degree Programs. Online nursing programs can help you to develop a lucrative career and gain necessary experience to earn attractive salaries.

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