Top 6 Nursing Interview Tips to Success for Scary Hearts

With tough competition in the nursing job industry it comes as no surprise that most nurses are scared stiff when it comes to interviews. As demands for nursing professionals increase, it’s good to enhance your marketing and interviewing skills so that you get the most coveted job.

Top 6 Nursing Interview Tips to Success for Scary Hearts

1. Do Some Research

Your top most priority before going for an interview is to research the organization you will be working for. You should know about financial stability of the organization, compliance issues, performance records, etc. Before you allow yourself to be evaluated, it is better for you to make a good impression by having read up on your employers first.

2. Know Where You Stand

An important thing to know is how much negotiating room you have when it comes to talking about your pay. Your salary, bonuses, incentives are all reasons why you are taking this interview so seriously so it’s nice to do some homework instead of being clueless.

3. Dress Well

An important point to consider is that a nurse is always expected to look well trimmed, neat and clean. Even before getting employed, one of your top priorities is to convey your professionalism in this regard. This is to show that your attire will not be a cause of scandal for any kind of patient that you may be dealing with.

By appearing well attired it shows that you take your profession and the entire interview seriously. It also shows that you are aware of the nature and atmosphere of your workplace.

4. Polish Your Non Verbal Communicating Skills

Before hiring you for the job, one of the most important things your employee needs to ascertain is how good you are at interacting with your patients. You can get this across to your employer through a firm handshake, by showing enthusiasm in speaking and listening, and by appearing cool and calm.

5. Go Geared Up – With a Portfolio

Your employee would love to know if you qualify for the job, if you’ve obtained any diploma or any kind of educational degree that has helped you to advance your knowledge in the field. Side by side, it’s also important that you should carry your resume, nursing licenses, records of previous job experiences, etc.

6. Be Mentally Prepared

It’s very important to be confident when you’re applying for a position in the nursing field. It’s good to know your reason for taking up nursing as a career, who your role models are, etc.

Additionally you’ll have to be prepared for questions concerning which shifts you may have to work in as a nurses’ job has a rotating policy. Also as emergencies are more frequent in a hospital, will you be able to work overtime is something you should be prepared to answer.

Hopefully these few tips will help settle down those nerves a bit and allow you to ace your interview…good luck!

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  1. When I’m interviewing job candidates the ones who impress me the most (and often end up with the job!) are the candidates who have researched our company and come prepared for the questions we are going to ask. It’s a great idea to come with a portfolio with your education information as well as any questions you have.

    Thanks for the article!


    Christine S. Baker Reply:

    Thanks for stopping by & sharing your views.
    Agreed, you can make out easily from candidates who appear for interview prepared with enough background check from casual walk-ins.


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