Why Nursing is Still the Best Profession in 2013

We all know what a stupendous highlight did nursing get as a career in the recessionary times America was going through the past few years. Great job prospects coupled with a decent salary made it one coveted career, with many career changers flocking to nursing colleges and schools. Come 2013 and the debate about the US having recovered from the recession continues. But regardless of that, we’re sure about one thing: the nursing profession continues to be a promising profession in 2013 as well! Here’s why.

Why Nursing is Still the Best Profession in 2013

Baby Boomers

The baby boomers are coming of age in the 21st century, and their need for higher medical care will also follow suit. Needless to say, these aging adults born and brought up in good times will require proficient healthcare to help them through the old age. So nurses will continue to be high in demand, not just in hospitals but in physician’s offices and home healthcare services as well.

Healthcare Reforms

President Obama signed legislation for overhauling the country’s healthcare system in 2010, and his legislated healthcare reforms will take effect from 2014. With a mandate on all Americans to buy insurance, and an expansion of Medicaid, healthcare will be put to the top gear for the US economy. So demand for healthcare professionals, including registered nurses, will stay quite high as hospitals prepare for the industry’s boom for the coming year.

Existing Nurses Will Retire

When we comment on baby boomers, let’s not forget that some of them are also in the nursing profession. When these baby boomer nurses retire in the past and coming few years, they leave ample vacancies to be filled. Therefore, for aspiring registered nurses, job prospects will continue to be bright in 2013.

Increased Life Expectancy

Advancements in medical science and healthcare have meant that the life expectancy of Americans has increased. In fact, not just the lifespan, but the ‘active lifespan’ is rising. What this means is that the breadth of healthcare jobs will also increase as more and more, longer-living individuals will need to be taken care of by professionals such as registered nurses.

Greater Awareness about Preventive Care

Americans are becoming more aware about changes in lifestyles that can prevent the onslaught of some very critical diseases. Since a part of registered nurses’ job roles also requires them to educate and help patients and the public with healthcare, this means demand for their services will stay on the upside.


Technological advancements in healthcare equal more health problems being treated. And more treatments mean more jobs for registered nurses!

Greater Lifetime Earnings

Now do you know what all these great job prospects indicate? That your lifetime earnings will be higher because of fewer years spent out of work. Add to this the personal satisfaction and fulfilling feeling of helping patients get better – something worth more than a million dollars – and you’ve got a complete career ahead of you!

Now that’s what we mean when we say nursing is really the best career for 2013!

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