Most Popular Jobs for Criminal Justice Degree Holders

Though it’s good to have a comfortable amount of money into your bank account every month, not so surprisingly, that doesn’t constitute as the most important factor in deciding how desirable your job is.

Sometimes it’s the extent of thrill you get; at other times, it’s the rewarding feeling of helping someone out; at yet other times, it may be something not so easily obvious that makes someone whistle at their jobs. Which are these so-called ‘popular’ careers in criminal justice? Let’s take a look at 10 of them.

Most Popular Jobs for Criminal Justice Degree Holders

1. FBI Supervisors

Reason for Popularity: All hail to Hollywood for making this profession among the most desired one among young men. The aura that they portray in movies in no less a reason that this job hits the list on top.

Salary per year = $89,115

2. Police and Detective Supervisors

Reason for Popularity: Supervising and coordinating investigation of criminal cases is a reason enough to make this job so interesting. Detectives, investigation have always been the buzz word, attracting many individuals to get their hands dirty in a case.

Salary per year = $75,490

3. Deputy Police Chiefs

Reason for Popularity: The great aspect of this post is the fact that the work of a deputy may change on a daily basis. You could be in position to carry out the orders of the acting chief officer. The responsibilities and leadership role makes it enticing for a criminal justice degree holder.

Salary per year = $74,834

4. Federal Law Enforcement Agents

Reason for Popularity: Working in the field to gather evidence and interview witnesses at the scene of a crime, or specializing in cybercrimes or working in agency offices your thing? So much of variation while staying close to the basics of crime. Now why wouldn’t this become a famous career choice?

Salary per year = $73,170

5. Intelligence Analysts

Reason for Popularity: Interested in unlocking patterns of crime? Sounds interesting and surely it is, with so much analysis and interpretation at hand, this job is as thrilling as any other in the field.

Salary per year = $ $72,577

6. FBI Agents

Reason for Popularity: In words of Sally Rall, “Even though analysts don’t carry weapons or arrest individuals, there is a growing recognition that what we bring to the table is extremely valuable and that we are an integral part of the team.” Well that speaks for itself.

Salary per year = $69,900

7. Forensic Chemist

Reason for Popularity: To identify and characterize the evidence as part of the larger process of solving a crime is what makes this job engaging and sought-after.

Salary per year = $66,551

8. Police Lieutenants

Reason for Popularity: Besides the job duties and being the good guy that everyone looks up to, the attraction for most lies in the rides the police lieutenants get to drive. Isn’t that so?

Salary per year = $65,688

9. Criminal Investigators and Special Agents

Reason for Popularity: It goes without saying that this particular job is the reason many of us get enrolled in criminal justice degrees. From books to movies, in all aspects this job has been made to look extremely fascinating and many agents will second me on this.

Salary per year = $60,910

10. Insurance Fraud Investigators

Reason for Popularity: Maintain confidentiality and getting inside scope has its own high. Safeguarding documents, conducting surveillance, investigating cases makes the job a popular choice for students of criminal justice.

Salary per year =$57, 150

For most of these occupations, the basic entry-level education is a bachelor’s degree. Whether you wish to take up one of these as your first career, or whether you are planning a career change, getting a 4-year college degree in criminal justice (which you can also pursue from accredited online schools in the US) will open many doors of opportunity for you.

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