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Topics such as what is online learning are far too old. In this article I am not trying repeat those musings over traditional and online way of learning. If I were to put it otherwise, gone are the days when online education in itself was seen as a new educational design and students were taught on how to cope up with the growing educational pattern. Friends! It is time to move on and explore the nuances in the field of online learning. While online learning as a technological offspring offered a new dimension to educational system, newer concepts are here to change the very nature of learning.

With newer designs of educational programs, teachers and faculties are facing increased challenges on the need to change the way education is delivered. It is but natural that once you are into a certain way of doing things research oriented thinking is never going to stop at that. The concept of Micro Lecture is one such innovation in the field of education.

Online Learning through Micro Lectures

Micro lectures or one minute lecturing is a concept of offering lectures at the shortest time span, introducing the concepts, touring across the essence of the subject and also helping students take their own time in understanding the subject at their own pace given a set of assignments to complete. Different though, considering the fact that hour long lectures are ok with traditional classrooms it might be not be the same with online learning. Distractions are an integral part of online learning and making students cope up with it becomes extremely important. Shorter the lectures the more interesting and effective it becomes, enabling students concentrate best.

These lectures simply take you through a list of what is being covered? What should you look for? And how the faculty group is going to monitor your progress? Its simple yet a little complicated, not for the students but for the teachers, as they are left with finding an all new way of handling things.

Steps in Developing Micro Lectures

Have you ever heard of the concept of “Active Learning”? Then here it is. Again, it is important to understand and remember the fact that though a very interesting concept, it cannot be used in all subjects. There are certain concepts and theories which require absolutely different approach and very detail lecturing. Educators are required to bring together important concepts at a very short span of time. If you are interested in developing may be you can follow the steps given below

  • List down the points you intend to cover in a 60 minute lecture in the form of phrases. These phrases become the core of your lecture.
  • You need a context for introducing all concepts, so it becomes important for you to prepare an introduction and a conclusion for about 30 seconds.
  • Prepare a video of the lecture with the help of a micro phone and web cam and where you wish that it should be in audio format record them only using a microphone. The college authorities will provide you the equipments required to prepare these lectures.
  • Include reading and written assignments while designing an assignment for students, enabling them to understand the concept more clearly.
  • The final leg is to upload the video onto the net and make it available for students with the help of course management software.

I am sure you are ready with a micro lecture, post it soon and let us have your link.

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11 Responses to “Online Learning through Micro lectures”

  1. Hi Christine,
    Another approach is, students can use a variable speed plugin so they can stream online lectures according to their own learning speeds.

    Students can accelerate the pace of the lecture or slow it down, depending on his grasp of the subject.

    Knowledge that students need to acquire is continually growing and they need to develop ways to manage these info without sacrificing speed to be competitive.

    I don’t think they can learn what they need to know by staggering it into several micro-lectures.


  2. David Penrose says:

    In response to Celina’s comment, there are fewer lectures instead of more. The key to learning is the focus and then the multiple activities required to complete. As knowledge evolves, learners are challenged and even required to hone their scanning and synthesizing skills. I believe this to be one of the goals of a Graduate level education. The role of the instructor is to validate the learning taking place.


  3. Christine S. Baker says:

    @ Celina Macaisa, @David Penrose:
    I quite agree with Celina’s variable speed plugin option, some of my Youtube addicted friends think it save half of their time and the gives amazing speed too.
    However I disagree with you only a bit too, internet speed is more important for Online Scholars than anyone else but sometime like David Penrose mentioned students are required to multitask as well. Acquiring quality education is most important.


  4. David Penrose says:

    I like a quote from a colleague who said, “In higher education we advertise learning, but sell teaching”


  5. Christine S. Baker says:

    @ David Penrose: Super I really like this quote “In higher education we advertise learning, but sell teaching”


  6. This would be an excellent approach to apply constructive learning within the virtual landscape and Micro Lectures are more effective than traditional lectures.


  7. gerick says:

    Strangely the browser I have just can’t display that post accurately… Are you sure this article has been tested with Google Chrome? I would be grateful it if you could double check your code, although it may come from a mistake on my laptop


  8. Alfonso Filo says:

    And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! :)


  9. The RSS feed doesn’t work with the internet browser (google chrome) how do i fix it?


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  11. Elmira Mau says:

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