Mechanical Engineering Career in New York

Mechanical engineering, as the name implies, deals with the design and manufacturing of everything that moves – from a simple lever or parts of small devices, to a gigantic machine, such as an aircraft. You can imagine how vast the role of a mechanical engineer is; they have to begin from a simple idea, and create something practical and useful from it, paying attention to every detail.

Though all of the US has various career opportunities in store for mechanical engineers, New York is one of the promising states to work in as far as this specialty of engineering goes.

Mechanical Engineering Career in New York

Engineering Schools and Colleges in New York

Some of the top engineering schools in the world and the US are located in New York. Examples include Columbia University, Cornell University, Cooper Union, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), New York University (NYU), Manhattan College, etc. Aspiring entrants in this specialty area have a lot of opportunities to study at top institutions in New York. Besides these, many accredited online colleges and engineering schools also offer online mechanical engineering degrees to those living and working in NY, making it easy to pursue this qualification for the busy ones out there.

Entry Level Education for Mechanical Engineers in New York

A bachelor’s degree is typically required to enter the job market as a mechanical engineer. Degree programs include courses in maths, life sciences, physical sciences, design, and engineering. The duration of programs varies between 4 to 5 years. Some colleges combine classroom study with practical work experience through internships to prepare students to enter the job market formally.

For higher level and managerial positions, however, one will need a graduate/ master’s degree. Many practicing engineers go for online master’s programs in mechanical engineering which they can study at their own schedules. Thus, they can pursue a higher level degree while continuing in their current job roles. Graduate degrees are also important if one wishes to make a career out of research and development in mechanical engineering.

New York State Professional Engineering License Requirements

Like in all other US states, mechanical engineers in New York must be licensed to practice. The usual licensing requirements to become a professional engineer (PE) in New York are discussed in the steps below. The following is a general pathway towards becoming a mechanical engineer in New York.

becoming a mechanical engineer in New York

Continuing Education and Certifications

Continuing education and certifications help mechanical engineers keep their knowledge of this field updated. Thus they increase one’s competitiveness for mechanical engineering job roles in NY. One can also join professional organizations such as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers to benefit from certifications in specific fields of mechanical engineering and to network with other mechanical engineers, including those in NY.

The path to succeeding as a mechanical engineering may seem tough, but it pays off to work in this happening state that is full of career opportunities.

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