Marketing and Communication Manager

A marketing and communication manager is really a public specialist who serves, promotes and preserves business relationships between an organization and its clients. With the increase in globalization and competition, companies are now relying more these on marketing specialists to offer advice on strategy and policy to ensure their success.

Job Description of Marketing and Communication Manager

Marketing and communication managers form their domain and relationships in the media, public, general industry and the internet. They place themselves into strategic relationships so they are easily recognized and associated with the products they are promoting. They must develop an understanding of the culture of the community, fellow employees and consumers transfer this information into income generating opportunities. Some of the specific functions of marketing and communication managers include:

  • drafting of press releases
  • organize trade shows and seminars to keep in contact with their client
  • conduct research on market trends
  • conduct sampling of the product to ensure it is at a desired standard
  • assist in the design and production of advertising campaigns
  • managing and motivating staff under their control

Education Required to Become Marketing and Communication Manager

Most employers require that Marketing and Communication Managers to have earned at least an Online Bachelors Degree. This validates the level of trainability and knowledge of the individual. However, for jobs in top companies, training that is more specialized is required at the Master or PhD Levels. This is paramount due to the high level of expenditure involved in managing a successful marketing campaign and investors require returns on their investments.

Most marketing and communications manager progress through the field of Communications and combine these skills with formal training in business administration.

Online Bachelors Degree in Marketing and Communications

A typical Bachelor’s Degree Program in Public Relations will see students exploring subject areas such as public relations principles, public relations management, organizational development, writing, effective news release techniques, business proposals and speech writing. Students of Marketing and Communications majors program also study visual communication courses such as desktop publishing and computer graphics. For a real time understanding of the business side of the industry, students receive instruction in advertising, business administration, finance, political science, sociology and economics.

This training enables participants to provide and support business growth and development through the successful introduction and maintenance of the product in the market. They will also be able to conduct research, identify market opportunities in both new and established industry markets. They will evaluate the competitive environment to adjust and position the product by preparing sales and marketing forecasts and coordinating the overall marketing strategy into one cohesive unit.

Online Programs to Get You There

The position of a marketing and communication manager is of vital importance to the success of the product in the market place. These marketing and communication specialists develop strategies to monitor trends and ways of influencing customers to purchase their products. While the job can be stressful due to the long hours required, with proper training and education, they will develop the appropriate skills needed to achieve their desired goals.

Studies conducted have revealed that with the increasing globalization and new avenues of marketing such as the internet, the demand for communication and marketing managers is high. As a result, various institutions offer training in specific disciplines to create trained professionals to fill these positions. Some of the top schools listed to offer training in Marketing and Communications include:

Median Salary Range for Marketing and Communication Manager

The salary for a marketing and communication manager is tagged to the type of product being promoted, budget of the employer, level of training and experience, popularity and income generating capabilities. More experienced and qualified professionals will certainly command higher wages as they are able to add profile to the product based on their popularity. These individuals may have fluctuating salaries that may be significant.

Mid-level organizations may have a dedicated staff on payroll and they receive a steady income regardless to whether they are able to achieve the goals of the organization. This may result in a wide salary range starting from as low as $30,000 per year to over $150,000 for private and independent contractors.

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