Power Pack Degrees – Six Jobs That Pays Highly

There is not much variety when you take a look at the top-paying jobs in US. Apart from airline pilots and CEOs, the top-paying jobs in the US come from health care sector, science and law. The situation gets tough when you do not want to make your career in such fields and are interested in earning online degree rather than through campus based education.

To earn handsomely, you do not need to be a scientist, lawyer or doctor. Find below six careers that pay median salaries of over $30 per hour. Irrespective of your mode of education, going for below mentioned degrees can help you in shaping up your career.

Bachelor Degree in Human Resource Management

If you love interacting with people and has an ability to manage wide variety of tasks, field of human resources is tailor made for you. Working as HR manager, you need to interact with top management and employees on a regular basis. It is the responsibility of HR manager to conduct interviews for vacant job position and give training to new employees. HR manager will be given a free hand to implement company policies with regard to hiring and promotions. If you are interested in working as a HR manager, you need to earn a Bachelor degree in human resource management.

Bachelor Degree in Software Engineering

With advancement in technology, field of software engineering is growing at a fast pace. By successfully earning Bachelor degree in software engineering, you will be able to get entry-level jobs in this highly competitive field. To work as computer software engineer, you need to have a good knowledge of computers. Whether an organization require applications to fill specific requirement or software for their systems, computer software engineer need to design, develop and test algorithms that tell computers how to run the program successfully.

Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design

Bachelor degree in fashion design can come in real handy if you want to make a career in the field of Fashion Design. When you take admission at this program, you will get to know about Computer Aided Design as well as different prototypes.

Masters Degree in Educational Administration

To get an admission into this degree program, it is quite important that you possess a Bachelor degree. Only become educational administrator if you love working with both adults and children. When working as an elementary principal, you need to set educational policies and objectives.

Masters Degree in Accounting

Masters Degree in accounting is the way to go if you want to make a career in the field of accounting. Working as accountant, you need to prepare taxes, take care of finances, interpret financial details, analyze budgets and maintain records.

MBA Degree in Marketing

By successfully earning MBA degree in marketing, you will be able to work as a marketing manager in a business organization. Working as marketing manager, you need to come up with marketing strategies on the basis of market condition and target audience.

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