Ten unbeatable iPhone apps for e-learners

iPhones are very popular amongst the college students today. If you own one of these devices, make sure you have easy access to these ten unbeatable apps for e-learners, which come handy at all times. Most of you would probably be familiar with the popular ones that the college students use more often and you might have a few favorites of your own. However, the ten apps listed here are, so far, the best for online learners pursuing an online degree.

1. iHomework


iHomework is an indispensable iPhone application for students pursuing an online education. This app helps you keep track of class work and assignments, due dates, test scores, and helps you stay organized.

2. Netters Anatomy

<Netters Anatomy for e-learners

If you are a medical student seeking an online degree, then this iPhone app is a must have. This app helps you memorize anatomy by using full color flash cards.

3. Voice Memos

Voice Memos app for e-learners

Yet another absolutely great iPhone app for online college students. It records lectures, makes notes and allows you to transfer them to your computer for future use.

4. The Chemical Touch

Chemical Touch

This is another great iPhone app for e-learners because it allows you to explore the standard amino acids and the properties of elements. It also has a Wikipedia page for instant information.

5. Blackboard

Blackboard app of iPhone

A must have app to use at school. This is an online educational service that helps students collaborate online. Students can also view their grades, assignments and tests online with the help of this application.

6. eTextbooks for iPhone

eTextbooks for iPhone

Electronic textbooks are available at your fingertips via this application. Not only will you be saving a lot of money with this great app, you‘ll also never be without your textbook.

7. Wikipedia Mobile

Wikipedia Mobile

Wikipedia is an extremely useful app. It comes handy when you are not familiar with a certain subject or if you do not completely understand something. With this app available on your iPhone, you can get the answer to your queries instantly.

8. Google Mobile

Google Mobile

This iPhone app is almost like Wikipedia. It offers information on the spot just by keying in the word.

9. Musee de Louvre

Musee de Louvre

This is a great app for students pursuing an online degree in Arts or Humanities.

10. Evernote

Evernote app for e-learners

If you want to keep track of everything you wish to remember, then Evernote is what you need.

With these ten unbeatable iPhone apps, the e-learners or the online students can have a smooth sailing in academics and college life.

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