Home Health or Personal Care Aide in Chicago after a Year in Med-School?

For the compassionate ones out there and the ones who like helping out, a career as a Home Health or Personal Care Aide is a great choice. But wait a minute, you’ve already enrolled in medical school and it’s been a year and you are wondering if you can become a Home Health and Personal Care Aide? Well, there’s good news for you…

Home Health or Personal Care Aide in Chicago after a Year in Med-School?

…The most Common Entry-level Education is a High School Diploma

In order to get into this field, a high school diploma will be the most that will be required. And that’s why your one year in medical college will suffice for you to enter into this profession. To further your career goals, you can even go for an online degree in healthcare to get the right education for the job.

And the Typical Courses are…

For online programs in healthcare, the usual courses taught to Home Health, Personal Care and Nursing Aides include Medical Terminology, Patient Support, Healthcare Supervision, Vital Signs, Patient Comfort, Nutrition, Home Organizational Skills, etc.

Training is also required…

Home Health and Personal Care Aides also have to have training in tasks such as housekeeping, cooking for clients with special dietary needs, as well as basic safety techniques. Usually, on-the-job training is provided by employers to people in the field. However, sometimes, formal training from community colleges, vocational schools or programs organized by home health care agenciesmight be required.

…Certification in Illinois is Necessary

Because you are planning to work in Chicago, you’ll need the requisite certification from the National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC), and be included in the Illinois Department of Public Health Nurse Aide Registry. In order to work as a Home Health or Personal Care Aide in a Medicare-certified agency, candidates must pass an Illinois State Police background check, be at least 16 years of age, have completed an approved training program and pass a written exam.

Highest Employment Level, a Plus Point for Home Health and Personal Care Aides in Chicago

Did you know that Chicago has been ranked 2nd in terms of employment level for Home Health Aides (28,940 jobs) and 5th for Personal Care Aides (13,760 jobs) amongst metropolitan areas in the US? Therefore, people in this occupation should be assured of great employment opportunities in Chicago.

Not just Good, but Excellent Employment Prospects…

Between 2010 and 2020, more than a million jobs are to be added for Home Health and Personal Care Aides in the US. Coming to a growth rate of about 70 percent, the job outlook is far better than the average for most other US occupations.

…And Decent Salary Levels

Personal Care Aides in Chicago earn about $22,310 per year, while Home Health Aides make about $23,220 per year. So the earning potential is also decent in this city.

Overall, Chicago is a great place for healthcare and nursing jobs for aspiring entrants in this field. Is this city your destination of work too?

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