Jump Start an Exciting Career as a Game Designer in the US

You’re creative, you work well with computers and computer games have always excited and enthralled you, right? Then it’s not surprising that you must be thinking of a career as a game designer in the US.

Though many of us dream of getting there and strike a pot of gold by creating some awesome games along the likes of Angry Birds and more, not everyone knows how to get there. So take a look at a few tips and pointers that will help bring you closer to your dream of becoming a game designer in this country!

Start an Exciting Career as a Game Designer

A College Degree Is Not Required But Is Helpful

Video game designers need not have a college degree or formal education. However, having a college degree makes a positive impression in front of employers and also equips you with the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to design games. Some college degrees that you can go for include:

  • Bachelor’s in Game Design
  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science
  • BS in Game Design and Development
  • Bachelor’s in Game and Simulation Programming

Key Skills That Will Be Valuable For A Career In Game Designing

Becoming a game designer is not for every Tom, Dick and Harry. It takes some special skills to be successful in this field. For instance, creativity and imaginative thinking are obviously required, but these alone won’t make a great game designer out of you.

One must also have great collaboration skills to work in a team, good communication skills to express their ideas and convert it into a user-friendly game design, as well as math and computer programming skills to execute it all.

How To Find A Job As A Game Developer Or Designer

Entry-level jobs for game developers at large studios are becoming harder to get as more and more studios look for experienced professionals who can make fewer but top notch games. How does one break into this industry in such a scenario? Check out some of the following tips:

  1. Build a portfolio of games that you may have either created from scratch or which may be a modification of an existing game
  2. Explore job opportunities in small studios that create games for social media sites and mobile phones
  3. Network with other game designers on websites and online forum and keep an eye out for any project, no matter how small it may seem at first
  4. Write about game designing and blog about your ideas and opinions to increase your visibility in the game designers’ community

Choose Your Game Designing Expertise

There are different parts of a game that you can work on as a game designer. While it’s best to know about all aspects of designing, one or more of the following may be your special forte:

  • Lead Designer: Collect and organize ideas from team members into a cohesive game design document
  • Content Designer: Develop the plot, characters, etc for the game
  • Game Mechanic Designers: Plan and design how a game system should function
  • Level Designers: Work on the environment and settings for the game
  • Writers: Develop dialogues and text to engage players in a game

Overall, game designing can be quite well-paying, with an estimated median May 2010 salary of over $33,830 per year. So brush up those programming and communication skills, start exploring job opportunities and network with other professionals to break into the exciting world of game designing.

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