Forensic Nursing Degree Online

Forensic Nursing is a fairly new but evolving profession for nurses who would like to explore beyond the core nursing abilities. As a forensic nurse, you will receive specialized training in forensic evidence collection, criminal procedures, legal testimony expertise, and more. You will become somewhat of a liaison between the medical profession and the criminal justice system.

Forensic Nursing Degree Online

Responsibilities of a Forensic Nurse

As a forensic nurse, you will be called to a crime scene or accident to work with detectives, collect evidence, take tissue and blood samples, treat survivors of assaults, violent crimes or accidents, or identify the cause of injuries and/or death in addition to referring victims for appropriate follow-up care.

Forensic Nurse Career Overview

Forensic nurses are trained to recognize, collect and preserve evidence during a crime scene investigation. Forensic nurse also works beside hospital staff collecting and documenting evidence, provide treatment and work as a legal advocacy for victims in a fast-paced crime scene environment.

Listed below are some of the career specialties you can choose to pursue in forensic nursing:

  • Community education
  • Correctional nursing
  • Gerontology specialization
  • Legal nurse consulting
  • Nurse coroner/death investigation
  • Sexual assault nursing

Path to a Forensic Nursing Career

The best path towards a career in the forensic nursing profession begins with a registered nurse (RN) education, then a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), followed by an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), or a diploma. Most nursing schools that offers a forensic nursing degree program online offer 2-year graduate-level courses awarding a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree upon completion.

There are three paths to get there:

  • Earn an associate’s degree in nursing.
  • Earn a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing.
  • Earn a diploma from an approved, accredited nursing program.

Salary as a Forensic Nurse

Salaries will vary depending on your forensic nurse’s educational level, the job’s location, your specialty and the duties performed. Even though forensic nurse salary will vary depending on where you decide to seek employment, forensic nurse in general earn more than RNs because of the higher education.

Online Forensic Training and Programs

UC Riverside – Online

American Forensic Nurses (AMRN) in partnership with the University of California-Riverside, the American Institute of Forensic Education (AIFE), and other educational institutions presents online professional development courses for forensic professionals. These programs developed by internationally recognized experts in the field are delivered in a virtual setting, in addition to on-demand, self-paced instruction. Upon completion, attendees will receive a certificate of completion and, where appropriate, seek accreditation.

Kaplan University – Online Forensic Nursing certificate

The challenging field of investigative science relies on registered nurses with forensic education to play an important role on the forensic team. The Forensic Nursing Certificate is designed to help you leverage your nursing experience and specialize your skills to address both the needs of victims and law enforcement agencies.

Forensic nursing is an emerging field that offers an exceptionally rewarding journey with lots of financial benefits not found in traditional nursing careers. This could be a great career path for you.

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