Which College Majors have the Highest Earning Potential? Engineering Tops the List!

For college students, whether those enrolled in a traditional college or those enrolling in an online program, the most critical decision is choosing your college major. Your reasons for a particular degree could be personal interests, job prospects, or simply earning potential. How much you earn, however, will be a key concern for any college major.

Highest Earning Potential

We decided to make the decision process a little easier for you and guide you to the college major that can earn you the best starting salary and best average salary.

Engineers Rule, Engineers Rock!

According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), new college graduates with an engineering degree are the highest paid. Payscale.com endorses this fact with engineering specialties such as the following having great earning potential:

Computer Engineering Mid-career annual Median pay $105,000
Aerospace Engineering Mid-career annual Median pay $118,000
Chemical Engineering Mid-career annual Median pay $111,000
Petroleum Engineering Mid-career annual Median pay $163,000
Electrical Engineering Mid-career annual Median pay $106,000
Mechanical Engineering Mid-career annual Median pay $98,400

And the Close Competitors to Engineering are…

There are other college majors that pay quite handsomely too. These include management, information technology and information science, finance, accounting, marketing and nursing.

Let’s take a sneak peek into some college majors and the mid-career annual median pay for them:

Computer Science $100,000
Economics $94,900
Management Information Systems $88,600
Finance $85,400
Marketing Management $76,600
Accounting $74,500
Nursing $70,200

These numbers shared by Payscale.com makes the choice of a college major an easy one for you, especially if income is a key motivation. So let’s check out the job outlook for these careers too.

And BINGO! The Job Outlook’s Fantastic too

We went and verified with the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and careers for graduates for these college majors have great job prospects too. For instance, the employment growth outlook for Computer and Information Systems Managers, Financial Analysts, Registered Nurses, Marketing Managers and Accountants is close to or higher than 15 percent.

Great salary, great prospects…what more could college graduates want? Choosing a practical and marketable degree is a very wise decision. With the college majors enlisted above, we hope to have helped you in some way in making the right decision. Remember, choose your major well, and you’ll stay on a promising career path all your life.

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