Economic Outlook and Growth for RN Degree Online

The economic outlook and growth for those that earn an RN degree online is very bright. Almost no other career field in the United States holds as much opportunities as a RN(Registered Nurse). Registered Nurses make up the majority of those working in any single group in the medical care field. They are nearly 3 million in number and this number is expected to grow in the coming years.The economic outlook and growth for those with online RN degree qualifications is great.

Growth in the RN Occupational Field

The government agency of labor statistics is predicting that the number of RN employment opportunities will grow by almost 23%. This will mean an increase of over a half million jobs which will make those looking into online degrees in nursing happy. This career choice is not only prosperous but rewarding as well.

Salary Prospects in the RN Health Care Field

The RN career field also means financial security. RNs earn a median salary of about $63,000 a year. Fortunately, Registered Nurses can also look forward to increases in this pay depending on their;

  • Level of education
  • Qualifications
  • Years of experience
  • Area of work
  • Type of employment
  • Geographic location

The RN Occupational Category

RN or registered nurse is a name given a vast number of qualified nurses in various occupational focuses. The term registered nurses cover all nurses that met a certain level of education, certification, and licensing regardless of their health care area; for example a RN can specialize in;

  • Surgical procedures
  • Pediatric nursing
  • Pulmonary nursing

The Work of a Registered Nurse

RNs perform similar duties in all various occupational focuses. They promote the general well being of patients, prevent disease, and assist patients in coping with their;

  • Illnesses
  • Injuries
  • Disabilities

RNs help doctors by takings patient’s vital signs, noting symptoms, keeping track of treatment progress, keeping health records, performing basic examinations and health screenings. Online degree program can ensure that RNs are qualified to meet all these tasks.

Becoming an RN through Online Degree Program

Online degree training can help you get the education needed to become a registered nurse. Online nursing degree programs are available that award nursing diplomas, associate degrees, and bachelor’s degrees that are accredited. Those interested in becoming an RN should know that currently demand is higher than the supply of nurses so the economic outlook and growth for those with online RN degrees are favorable and this should remain so in the coming years.

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