Discover a Career as a Software Engineer in Alabama

Out of the many different careers in demand today, engineering and tech-related ones are definitely the most prized ones. Software engineering is hands down one profession that is being considered amongst the top options for those making a career-oriented move.

However, when it comes to exploring this career opportunity in Alabama, a state that doesn’t rank amongst the most happening metropolis of the US, many become hesitant about pursuing this occupation in this state.

Discover a Career

The best part about working in Alabama as a Software Engineer

Let’s come first to the best part about working in Alabama. The cost of living in Alabama is lower than the national average around the country. Those living or those who have moved to Alabama are quick to remark on how the state is very ‘affordable’ to live in, in terms of utilities, home prices and food. The place has a very educated population and the amenities for the citizens are plenty.

Major Cities for a Successful Career in Alabama

Places like Columbus and Mobile have a very low cost of living, while Birmingham and Tuscaloosa have a relatively higher cost of living, though still lower than the average for US cities. Other leading cities include Dothan, Huntsville, and Montgomery (capital). Birmingham is a favored choice for those looking for employment in this state.

Earning Potential and Jobs in Alabama compared to all of the US

A career in software developing or software engineering in Alabama offers a slightly lower pay than the average for this profession. In the systems software specialty, the average pay for software developers is about $95,000, lower than the US average of $96,620. In the applications software specialty, the average earnings for Alabaman software engineers hover around $85,000 per year, against the national average of $87,900.

As for the job outlook, there are roughly 7,000 jobs available for software engineers as against the whopping 800,000 available all over the US. So the availability of jobs is lower than that in other states like Washington, Massachusetts, etc.

A State worth Considering?

Looking at all the facts mentioned above, one should make a careful decision about moving to Alabama or looking for a job there as a software engineer. The job outlook is low and the pay level is also below-average. However, if you want a relatively relaxed pace of life, the state can offer a very comfortably affordable abode for software engineers.

If this is the state for you, check out some accredited online programs and traditional software engineering degrees offered by schools in Alabama.

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