Of Men and Machines: Huge Growth Potential for Computer Hardware Engineers In California, CA

Computer engineering is one of the highest paid engineering fields in US these days but many mistakenly equate it with software engineering only, whereas computer hardware engineering is an equally integral and thriving part of the tech industry, regularly churning out great gadgets with improved capacity and lower costs.

Computer Hardware Engineers

The famed Silicon Valley in San Francisco’s bay area has made California a hub of tech related activity with giants like Google, Netflix, Apple, Intel and Facebook. No wonder then that the most populous state is a hot spot for computer hardware engineers as well.

Educational Requirements for Becoming a Computer Hardware Engineer in California

To become a computer hardware engineer, one needs to have at least a Bachelor’s Degree In Computer Hardware Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or Computer Engineering.

Not many colleges in California offer a Bachelor’s Degree in Hardware Engineering, so most computer hardware engineers get a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering and gain hands on experience through lab work and internships. Online Degrees in Computer Hardware Engineering that are accredited by ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) can also be pursued. The University of Sonoma in California offers a Graduate Degree in Computer Hardware Engineering.

While there are no specific licensing requirements for computer hardware engineers in California, they do need continuous education through professional certifications programs such as quality engineer and reliability engineer certifications.

Above Average Job Growth Rate for Computer Hardware Engineers in California

It’s a good time to be a computer hardware engineer in the Golden state. While the BLS predicts that the job growth for computer hardware engineers across the country is expected to grow at a below average rate of 9%, however according to EDD/LIMD, in California the job growth rate for these professionals is expected to increase by 18.9% which means around 3700 more jobs will open up for them between 2010-20 in California.

Here are some other promising facts for computer hardware graduates in California:

Largest employer of computer hardware engineers 19,510
2nd highest paying state for computer hardware engineers $113,110
4th highest concentration of computer hardware engineering jobs 1.39 per 1000 jobs
4th highest location quotient for computer hardware engineers 2.48

Which Industries Hire Computer Hardware Engineers in The Golden West?

Computer hardware engineers generally design and develop computer equipment in research laboratories and hi tech manufacturing firms. EDD/LMID staffing patterns provides a breakdown of the industries that hire the greatest number of computer hardware engineers in California:

Popular Industries Percent of total employment for occupation in California
Computers and peripheral equipment 21.3%
Scientific research and development services 20.3%
Computer systems design and related services 15.8%
Semi conductor and electronic components 13.8%
Architectural engineering and related services 5.1%

Popular Occupations for Computer Hardware Engineers in California (2010-2020)

Computer hardware engineers do not just design and develop computer equipments. With a little more education and experience, computer hardware engineers can delve into academics or get promoted to a managerial position where they supervise other engineers.

Occupation title Employment change in % Minimum educational requirement
Engineering managers 13.9 Work experience plus bachelor’s degree
Computer hardware engineers 18.9 Bachelor’s degree
Engineering teachers 12.9 Doctorate degree

If playing around with chips, circuit boards and other electrical equipment is your idea of heaven, then play your way to a financially rewarding career by becoming a computer hardware engineer in California.

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