How to Identify College Application Phone Scam

Seeking admission to a college is not an easy task when there are chances of getting caught up in a phone scam. If you are not aware of these scams, it is time for you to find out about them and be careful not to fall into such situations. A little bit of intelligence can save you from becoming a victim of college application phone scam. When you receive a phone call that sounds suspicious, think for a moment and find out whether the call is genuine. When it is difficult to spend time researching these calls, you may simply avoid them or report to the college authority or law enforcement agencies.

Financial Aid Scam

When you are seeking admission to your desired college you will find various financial aid available to get funding for your studies. You must be careful when you are called upon with a lucrative offer of financial aid. You will notice that the phone tricksters will tell you that they are offering different financial facilities for your further studies which you need to secure as early as possible. To avail the offer the minimum thing for you to do is to pay upfront fees. These are scams and you need to avoid such calls.

College Application Fee Scam

Another popular type of college scam is the college application fee scam. Here the phone scammers ask for a college application processing fee. When you receive such calls you need to remember that no legitimate college requests college application processing fees during phone calls. The processing fee, if applicable, is always stated on the application form and needs to be sent to the college admission council via check or electronic transaction.

College Application Redemption Fee Scam

College application redemption fee is another type of scam that also popular and needs to be identified. The scammer may call you and give details of a college application redemption fee but they will also ask for a processing fee to avail this opportunity. You must remember that no college demands any processing fee for any kind of redemption they provide. The colleges already offer release on their regular application fee for the benefit of students so they will not ask any more fees to avail this opportunity.

College Application Scholarship Scam

College scholarship scams have been around for a long time. Scholarships are designed to serve many purposes and scammers take illicit benefit of them. If you are searching for a scholarship, you may receive a phone call stating that you have been selected as a finalist to win a scholarship that you have never applied for. The call will also tell you that to avail this scholarship you need to pay a redemption fee and give your personal data and credit card number. This is a popular scam tactic and you need to avoid these tricksters.

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16 Responses to “How to Identify College Application Phone Scam”

  1. Honey Singh says:

    Though so many of my friends join the foreign universities but i never know about these scams.
    Thanks to you as this will help me in researching for the campaign (that i do for a foreign publishers and some exams associated with school kids).


  2. Christine S. Baker says:

    @ Honey Singh: Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment. I am glad my post was insightful for you. Just checked your blog too, good work there.
    – Stay Connected and Keep Commenting!
    Cheers ;)


  3. The best. Keep it going! Thank you


  4. treci says:

    Online Scams are getting very clever.

    Some online scams will have you believe that you are enrolled in an accredited school and use their name and will keep this platform by using multiple of these techniques up for more than 1-3 years.

    I have been a victim of the scam… out because they are getting smarter.


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    Good topic for making an effective dissertation.


  10. Anthony M. says:

    Hey, I think I have quite a few or a network of people who are online scam artists trying to use these methods on me. I was looking through multiple sources of online colleges on the web and I think I picked them up somewhere along the way. I told them I will call back but really, I would love to report them. I know you mentioned whom to report to but I was wondering how I could get a hold of the college authority. I would simply contact law enforcement but I would not know how to approach them on the subject so if you could lend me some assistance in the area I would gladly appreciate it.


  11. Christine S. Baker says:

    @ Anthony: Well I believe best you can do is to approach US Dept. of Education, they are the best source to identify any scams for colleges .


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