A Business Systems Analyst (BSA) – What’s That?

Companies are pushing for cost effective methodologies and re-engineering work processes to reach better results. This is a reason why having that one person identify opportunities for improving existing technology, and solve business problems through his insight is so much more important.

A Business Systems Analyst (BSA) - What's That

Wondering who does it all and how? Read on to learn more.

Walking Down Two Paths – Reaching a Middle Ground

Remember the days when your parents had to resolve heated up arguments and quarrels between your siblings. How patiently they had to listen and then reach a common ground to patch things up between the two parties. The business systems analyst somewhat does the same thing, linking between the business division of the company and the IT department, only that the situations are not really violent.

Most of the time the business and IT departments are not able to communicate well due to their own limitations and pattern of work. It is the role of BSA to jump in then and explain matters, while making each side understand the other’s perspective. Trying to make them see how the solution will benefit the company at large.

Who Can Become BSA?

If you happen to have good communication skills, along with good analytical and technical skills you can easily get into this field.

The ability to articulate what the business or project requirements are to the tech team, in their language precisely is what the BSA does best. Making flowcharts and diagrams to help them comprehend the workflow that translates the business requirements into software requirements.

On the other hand documenting every little detail of the project that the business understands how the programmers will go around with the problem at hand.
Also, your ability to see the big picture is also a requirement. You can identify which software or hardware integrating in the company can lead to better efficiency and bring about a solution in existing technology.

Which Degree Program(s) should be pursued?

Since the BSA’s role is that of a liaison, he/she should be well learned in the business field as well as the computer. A bachelor’s degree in computer science, management information systems (MIS) or a business degree with background in programming or networking is what employers look for.

These degrees can be easily acquired sitting at home or you can take up online programming courses to compliment your business degree, which will make you a great fit for this job for sure.

Earning Potential of Systems Analyst

The salary earned by business analyst is $87,260 on average. The profession has made it into the top 20 in this year alone and has a promising future in the years to come. The added excitement of getting into the job is that you are not just restricted to one department in the organization, as a support division, but the opportunity to hover in IT and other divisions of the business makes it so much interesting and challenging at the same time.

Are you preparing yourself to take up a job as a BSA? Have we sold the profession well already? For further queries leave a comment and we will be delighted to answer it for you.

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