Studying Online Business Management in Marketing Degree

A degree in Business Management with an emphasis on Marketing will equip you with the relevant business knowledge, management skills and marketing techniques that are essential ingredients for success in helping you achieve your personal, academic and professional career aspirations.

The aim of the Business Management in Marketing Degree Program is to provide students with a broad-based curriculum that consists of a wide range of contemporary business and marketing-specific courses designed to help students develop a thorough understanding of the standards and techniques that bind the global business environment. You will also gain the practical exposure and experience needed to influence others to accomplish the tasks and challenges you face together on a daily basis.

Study Business Management in Marketing Degree Online

You can study Business Management in Marketing at the Associate, Bachelor, Masters and Certificate Level where your course work will explore the specialist functions of management. These include Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Production and Business Information Systems. Other topics covered are Economics, Quality Operations, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Data Analysis, International Marketing, Professional Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Company Law, Statistics, and Psychology, Ethics and Entrepreneurship.

The program utilizes various forms of teaching methods to disseminate the information to students such as seminars, a series of formal lectures, small tutorial groups, and problem solving workshops as well as computer-based simulations and state-of-the-art learning techniques. Students will gain additional hands-on exposure through a number of internship activities.

By adopting a relevant, rigorous and balanced approach, the courses covered throughout the program will provide you with a solid background in all the relevant tools and techniques needed to progress successfully in today’s modern business world. The program also prepares you to:

  • devise, implement and manage complex marketing strategies
  • develop information-based analytical decision-making skills and transform these research data into effective marketing programs
  • develop proficiency in the technology tools relevant to the business environment and the application of these tools to enhance efficiency
  • understand how new products are developed and branded

Careers with an Online Business Management in Marketing Degree

Depending on the level of qualification pursued, students who earn a Business Management in Marketing Degree can enjoy a host of rewarding and exciting career opportunities available within the marketing profession as well as other fields. Marketing majors can pursue middle to senior leadership positions in industrial marketing, education, health, sales, consulting and financial services. Other courses include web-based businesses, public relations, food services, advertising, government agencies, charities or political campaigns.
Marketing majors also have the option of beginning a career path as an entrepreneur, as the marketing skills you mastered in the classroom will help to model your business ideas into successful business ventures.

Average Salary with a Business Management in Marketing Degree

The average salary for graduates with a Business Management in Marketing Degree will vary significantly with the level of qualification, experience, skills, type of company and size, benefits, type of industry and location. Graduates with a Bachelor of Science (BS) Business Management in Marketing Degree working as a Marketing Coordinator or an Account Manager can earn anywhere between $38,320 and $49,691 per year, while a Marketing Researcher or Regional Sales Manager can expect a yearly salary hovering around $55,000 and $60,882.

Schools that offer an Online Business Management in Marketing Degree

Ferris State University

Leeds Trinity & All Schools University

Newcastle University

What are the pros and cons of earning an Online Business Management in Marketing Degree?


Flexibility: Most online programs schedule their online courses to accommodate the busy schedules of today’s working adults by offering day, night and weekend classes allowing them to study at their own pace depending on their learning capabilities.

Accreditation: With the rising popularity of distance learning, most organizations now recognize and accept degrees earned online, as most employees require online institutions to go through the same accreditation process as traditional on-campus institutions.


Hardware Intensive

Poor Accreditation

Lack of practical work experience as some online institutions do not provide internships

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