Top 5 Worst & Best Jobs in America

What makes one job good and another one bad? Is it true that some jobs are really bad and should be avoided or is it just that some people are better suited to one kind of job while others are to some other kinds? When we evaluate jobs, various factors are taken into account such as the economy and changes in the market trends. Other factors include evaluation on the basis of which jobs have less stress, better job environment and better career prospects along with good paying capability.

Top 5 Worst & Best Jobs in America

Every year the entries in the list of best and worst jobs change. According to the publisher of 2012 Jobs Rated Report of CareerCast, “The jobs that continue to fare very well are those that fare the best in a tough economy – primarily information technology and health care”. Keeping all these factors in mind, we have compiled a list of the best and worst jobs in America.

Top 5 Best Jobs in America

  1. Biomedical Engineering is considered to be one of the best jobs in America as it includes various areas of specialization and the job prospects are very bright at about 72%. The median pay ranges between $43,097 – $120,335. It is considered to be the best job of 2012 as there is a growing demand of advanced medical equipment and devices. Graduates need to have in-depth knowledge of both engineering and biology.
  2. Information Technology includes jobs like software developers, software architects, computer application engineers, data communications analysts. The job growth rate for these fields is about 24-53% and the median salary ranges between $40,800 – $134,838. There is an increased demand for IT professionals as they are trained to set up networks and check the performance of these systems. There is also demand for programming and systems analysis skills.
  3. Nursing is also a very popular field which has a job growth of about 16 – 39% and the median pay ranges between $21,440 – $79,992. This is considered to be one of the best jobs as the demand continues to increase due to increase in elderly population and an expansion of healthcare industry leading to increase in clinics and a consequent increase in nursing staff.
  4. Finance jobs related to finance like bankers, auditors, financial analysts, accountants, credit analysts continue to grow with a job growth projection of 41% and median pay of $73,150. These jobs require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with can be either through traditional education or online learning.
  5. Forensic Psychology involves jobs like social work and counseling and is one of the best jobs as its job growth projection is about 13% and the median salary is between $36,920 – $138,086. Forensic Psychologists are capable of performing various psychological testing and diagnosis. To work as a professional in this sector, you need to have a doctorate degree. You also need to have license to work as a social worker or a counselor .

5 Worst Jobs in America

  1. Lumberjack is considered to be one of the worst jobs as you need to work outdoors irrespective of the weather conditions and the pay is also quite low.
  2. The next worst job is that of dairy farmers. This is also a low paying job with tough working conditions. Farmers need to work in the dairy even in the worst weather conditions.
  3. Enlisted military personnel are also climbing up the list of worst jobs. This is because it has a lot of stress and physical strain along and the pay is very bad.
  4. Oil rig workers are entry level workers who have high stress jobs which are dangerous as they need to work on oil rigs in tough weather conditions. Though this field overall is well-paying, this job position is paid the lowest.
  5. Newspaper Reporting is the 5th worse job as it is stressful and low paying. However with the advent of online and mobile reporting, the job conditions are expected to improve and this job might not be in the worst job lists in the next year.

So if you are looking for low stress, high paying jobs that are expected to grow in the following years go for the top 5 jobs.

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