Best Paying Online Degree in 2010

The key to any sustainable financial success is through education. Many aspiring professionals are resorting to pursuing their online college degrees because of the many benefits online education has to offer. Not only do they get a high quality education, but the medium of online education also gives them the opportunity to both work and study at the same time thus gaining valuable experience and increasing rate of growth within their organization.

Of course, the higher the level of education you have, the higher will be your salary scale. Therefore, students must dedicate themselves to making the right career choices based on the earning potential and their own personal educational capabilities. The majority of the online student population is involved in either study at the associate, bachelors and masters level, so we will look at some of the degrees that are offering the best salary potential for 2010.

Highest paying Associate Degrees for 2010

  • Nuclear Medicine Technology: This is a very technical career where entrants to the profession can gain relatively high salaries. The profession entails the use of use of radioactive pharmaceuticals to treat and track illnesses and their progress. At the associate level, graduates may earn up to $66,660 per annum.
  • Registered Nursing: Studies show that 42% of those entering the nursing profession do so with an associate degree. With an associate degree, nurses can expect to earn salaries in the range of $55,000 per annum.

Highest paying Bachelor’s Degree for 2010

Online bachelor degrees form the bulk of the degree being pursued online. Qualified students prefer online bachelor degrees because they get you into junior level management level positions within organization. For 2010, there is a changing of the guard of top paying bachelor degrees from the traditional business related degrees to the now booming resource sector. Some of the top paying bachelor’s degrees for 2010 include bachelor’s degree in:

  • Petroleum engineering that is now commanding salaries in excess of $86,000 per annum.
  • Chemical engineering, where graduates of the online degree receive salaries averaging $65,000.
  • mining and mineral engineering whose positions are offering salaries of $64,000
  • Computer engineering that have salaries averaging $61,000.

Highest Paying Master’s Degree for 2010

Students of online master’s degrees come from the professional core of workers who have already established careers and are aspiring to grow into management position within their organization. Studies show that graduates of online master’s degree programs receive either a salary increase or a promotion within two years of their graduation.

Some of the top paying online master’s degree programs include master’s degree in:

  • Computer hardware engineering at $97,000
  • Aerospace engineering at $92,000 per annum
  • Marketing at $97000
  • Computer system Analysis at $104,000

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  1. LA says:

    Good article. I think when choosing a career its important to think long term, as far out as possible. Life expectancies have increased and will continue to and that means working longer. So its important to be in a field that has a long term future and one in which you will be able to enjoy for several decades.


    Christine S. Baker Reply:

    Oh yes, I certainly agree with long term career planning with you LA. It is essential even with lower life expectancy. One need to be clear about the career goals so as to make good progress in respective fields.


  2. Ricardo says:

    I studied online my second career at UNED, an spanish university. But right now I am interesting on studying online in a foreign university, English language desirable. And you are right, it’s a moment to make good choices in order to succeed not just in studies also in our future jobs as well.


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