Best Online College Degrees Of 2011

With the year wrapping up we thought of providing you a roundup of the best online degrees of 2011. NACE, National Association of Colleges and Employers, which is the leading source of information about the employment of college best paying graduates, conducted a survey and listed the highest paid degrees in the current year.

It was interesting to note that all 10 of the highest paid degrees were engineering fields! With advancements in technology affecting each and every sphere of the business world, people with advanced technical skills are in great demand.

Here is a list of the top 10 online degree programs of the year 2011.

10. Systems Engineering

Annual median starting salary: $58,909
Systems engineering is a holistic and interdisciplinary field where the engineers are involved in designing various systems.

09. Materials Engineering

Annual median starting salary: $59,826
It is an exciting hand on field where you study the properties of different materials and then decide which one should be used for the production of a specific product.

08. Mechanical Engineering

Annual median starting salary: $60,345
All those people who loved to take apart their toys can fulfill their childhood passion by designing machines and manufacturing automotive and plastics.

07. Electrical/Electronics/ Communications Engineering

Annual median starting salary: $61,021
As the semiconductor technology is used in all products therefore there is not much difference between the two fields now. These engineers’ graduates assemble electrical and electronic systems.

06. Software Engineering

Annual median starting salary: $62,738
Software engineers are involved in various stages of the software development process.

05. Computer Science

Annual median starting salary: $63,402
Computer scientists provide solutions to companies’ technological needs through computer programs and software solutions.

04. Mining and Mineral Engineering

Annual median starting salary: $63,969
As the name suggests, mineral engineers are involved in extracting minerals. This field combines onsite supervision and off field design of mines through computers.

03. Computer Engineering

Annual median starting salary: $64,499
The revenge of the geek! Computer geeks were the third highest paid grads in 2011. Computer engineers are needed both in the public and the private sector.

02. Chemical Engineering

Annual median starting salary: $65,618
This field is for people who have a strong aptitude for and foundation in physics, chemistry and biology. Chemical engineers experiment with different materials and products in the lab and then find ways to bring this to the market.

01. Petroleum Engineering

Annual median starting salary: $80,849
It’s all about oil these days! The highest paid degree and that too by a great margin is the Petroleum Engineering Degree. Petroleum engineers look for reservoirs of oil and natural gas, since the demand for these engineers is greater than the supply these engineers commanded the highest pays in 2011.

The above survey shows that demand for engineers is likely to grow in the year 2012 as well. Join one of these programs in a top online school and get ready for a well paying career.

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  1. How about for the year of 2012? I think mostly same college right? I choose software engineering for my favorite college degree.


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