Become a Project Manager in Florida- To Do List

Take any complex initiative – a new software or a mega construction project, for example – and carefully take a look at its planning. You’ll realize that at the foundation of any successful project is a project manager’s exemplary thinking, planning, executing and managing.

What It Takes To Become A Project Manager in Florida

The best part about being a project manager is the responsibility you have and the fulfillment of being the one in charge. And if you are project manager in Florida, the 4th most populous state in the US, your career prospects are even more bright.

Different Industries in Florida for Project Managers

You can become a project manager in many different fields in Florida. For example, you will find a project manager for a building project, or you may find a project manager working on the uphaul of the information system of an organization. The point is that the potential industries you can be in as a project manager are, wide and varied.

Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Construction Project Manager Average Annual Salary in Florida $73,000
Banking Project Manager Average Annual Salary in Florida $87,000
Architecture Project Manager Average Annual Salary in Florida $92,000
IT Project Manager Average Annual Salary in Florida $83,000
Engineering Project Manager Average Annual Salary in Florida $86,000

The Tasks of a Project Manager – All Summed Up!

Project managers look after so many things that it’s not fair to describe their jobs in a few lines. But let’s try to sum up the several tasks they are responsible for.

  1. Setting up goals for a project
  2. Planning a project in consultation with the entire team
  3. Monitoring the progress of work
  4. Keeping team members motivated
  5. Wrapping up and concluding a project with final approvals and book closing

Skills that make a Good Project Manager in Florida and any Other US State

As you can see, a good project manager has to achieve a lot and therefore needs a positive, mature outlook on work. Interviews with industry professionals have identified the following key traits of great project managers:

  • Confident, with excellent interpersonal skills
  • Good team players, with the ability to delegate tasks to others
  • Flexible to changes that may happen in any project due to external or internal circumstances
  • Ability to handle risks and failures

Educational Requirements

Since project management means a lot of responsibility entrusted on an individual, these professionals are expected to have formal, higher-level training, such as a master’s degree. Online master’s programs in project management are quite popular, as many of the students for these programs are already working in an industry and need the flexibility to be able to study simultaneously with their jobs.

Subjects and courses taught include statistical analysis, cost-benefit analysis, risk management, ethics, planning, etc.

Experience Requirements

Before you can become a project manager in any industry, you will need to have a solid understanding of the ins and outs of that industry. This means that you need to have 4-5 years of experience, on average, at a relatively junior role before you take up the responsibility of being a project manager.

Having said that, with the right will, a can-do attitude and excellent education, you can become a great project manager and live the life of your dreams in Florida.

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