Balancing the Holiday Season and Online Classes

So you decided to choose the wise route of distance learning and are going about your work, when you realize that the holiday season is around the corner. One would think that that would be no problem for online students but distance learning degrees can be just as challenging as traditional campus based programs, and require a lot of dedication.

Balancing the Holiday Season and Online Classes

The flexibility and affordability of most programs is what tempts students into opting for online degrees. They learn how to manage their time better, how to study on your own and most students, work simultaneously to pay for their tuition. Even on a normal day, this is challenging but with the holiday season fast approaching, this can become a nightmare if you are not prepared.

The key is to stay calm and organize.

Pre-empt the Holidays

We all know when the holiday season starts and how long it lasts. Each family has its own way of celebrating so each individual has different responsibilities and holiday related stresses to deal with. The best thing is to start thinking about the holidays in advance and completing as much of your work as humanly possible. This will give you the breathing space you need to enjoy the holidays. Working that extra weekend or taking a few days off from your job to complete your assignments can mean the difference between a hectic or stress free holiday.


Making a schedule and sticking by it are necessary. You need to chalk out all the work you have for your online classes and divide it across the holidays in a manner which allows you to get the best of both worlds. Maybe you can wake up early and do your readings before the guests start arriving for the holiday brunch, or maybe you could take short breaks in between to do your work in short bursts. As it is you might need a break from your family.

Get Creative

Some days will require you to multitask while others will mean working faster than a ninja. To meet all the requirements of your online classes you might have to innovate even, like getting someone else to drive you around for your holiday chores so that you can read in the car or carrying your iPod around so you can listen to the lectures while you buy holiday gifts. And please get your holiday gift shopping out of the way ahead of time since those long lines and crazy rush is not good for anyone’s nerves.

Relax and Enjoy

Don’t forget to enjoy the holiday season – your work will get done. Your family will also understand if you have to run off for a bit in the middle, and most probably your professor will also get it if your assignment is a tiny bit late. The key is to do the best you can at balance both important events in your life and prioritize according to what is important to you. Maybe you could even talk to your favorite uncle about your latest online course topic and learn through discussion.

The holidays will go on and so will the online classes. Seek help from your virtual peers if you need it and just do the best you can. If you are a distance learner you already know how to work on your own and meet high pressure deadlines, so just keep chugging full speed ahead and don’t forget to slow down occasionally to enjoy the lovely holiday season.

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